Piers Morgan Physically 'Attacks' Guest On Live TV

Piers Morgan is not perhaps the sort of man you would suspect of being physically aggressive. Morgan is much more likely to be seen attacking people from the safety of his computer keyboard. It takes a lot to keep Morgan quiet, even on subjects that he knows nothing about. Morgan caused quite a stir over the weekend when he launched an unsolicited attack on Beyonce. Speaking in his column in the Daily Mail Morgan attacked Beyonce claiming that the political message in her new album Lemonade was made for commercial reasons alone.

"I never like it when entertainers go all political. The cynic in me believes it's rarely done for genuine reasons but for strictly commercial ones.

"Just lately, Beyonce's been adding a far more serious, deeply political and race-fuelled tone to her work."

Morgan goes on to explain that Beyonce's audience is a multi cultural one and he slams her for referencing the "Black Lives Matter" movement in her song "Formation." Morgan is clearly uncomfortable with Beyonce referencing Malcolm X and using the mothers of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin to make political points.
"Beyoncé sang Formation during the half-time Superbowl show and stepped up the police-hating theme with a tribute to the militant activist group, Black Panthers. To say this was a provocative statement is putting it mildly."
Beyonce has made clear that Lemonade is aimed towards black women but as Yahoo! news points out that does not stop Morgan feeling that he is qualified to share his opinion. Many will suspect that Morgan's attack on Beyonce is a hangover from the hot water Piers landed himself in last year when many felt he attempted to delegitimize "Black Live Matter." As reported by the Independent, many people felt that Morgan was totally missing the point in his criticism of "Black Live Matter."
As a rich middle-aged white guy Morgan has shown that he totally fails to grasp the issues when he says that "white people are devalued too." It is certainly clear that Piers Morgan is no stranger to controversy.
As many will know Morgan is now a presenter on ITV's breakfast magazine show Good Morning Britain. This morning Morgan welcomed his guest, Bear Grylls, onto the show by pretending to fight him. According to the Express Morgan "lunged" at the unsuspecting Grylls and jokingly pretended to fight with the adventurer.

Grylls was somewhat surprised at Morgans antics and quipped "he comes out like a gorilla! Piers, I've just got out of bed!"

Morgan's co-host Susanna Reid looked less than impressed by Morgans' actions. Reid attempted to get things back on track by asking Grylls a question before Morgan "ignored the auto-cue."

It seems that Grylls understands that Morgan like to hog the limelight as he told Reid that "you've learned you have to fight for air time" when you work with Morgan.

According to the Daily Mirror during the interview with Grylls Morgan branded his guest a "pathetic lightweight." There is no doubt that many people would love to see Piers Morgan take on Bear Grylls in a real dust-up, there is little doubt as to what the outcome would be.

Morgan is without doubt a very divisive character but he does occasionally come out on the sensible side of an argument. Last week Morgan had a verbal joust with Ben Fogle, who had been attempting to justify the killing of lions and other big game on "trophy" hunts. According to Metro, Fogle argued that poaching and not licensed big game hunting was responsible for driving many species to the brink of extinction.

Morgan fiercely opposed Fogle's views and won the support of many viewers. What a shame that Morgan can grasp the significance of the dangers posed by hunting lions but seems unable to grasp the fact that black people are disproportionately criminalized and killed by the U.S. justice system.

[Photo by Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP]