'Black Ink Crew: Chicago' Season 2 News: Is Kat Jackson's Show Coming Back?

Fans loved Black Ink Crew: Chicago during Season 1, but there has been no news yet about Season 2. Now information has finally come out about the next season of the show and whether it will be coming back again. Starcasm shared the news that it has been confirmed that Kat Jackson's show is coming back. The first season ended last December and they didn't share whether the show would be back or not until now. She talked to Rolling Out, and Kat revealed a lot of information, including the fate of Black Ink Crew: Chicago.

Kat Jackson actually shared the details about Season 2, and everyone can't wait for the new season to come out. Kat was asked about what she has going on and here is what Kat Jackson revealed.
"Well, we have Black Ink season two coming up. I've been doing plenty of art shows. I've been traveling and tattooing lots of different clients of all different careers. I don't know, I just work. I'm an artist, I just make the work. I actually have my new art studio that I opened that's right upstairs from the shop, it's on the fifth floor. So, I'll be having a lot of different art shows. I want to collaborate with other artists and have shows. And that's a big goal of mine, to really get my art out there. You didn't get to really see too much of my paintings in season one. So, now I want to show the world that I have something more to offer outside of tattooing as well."
Kat Jackson did share one spoiler about Black Ink Crew: Chicago. She really wants to stay with the show being about the tattoo art that they do. Reality shows end up being about drama, and Kat wants their show to stay about the art. Jackson shared that you can't help but notice that they do great tattoo work, and that is what the show is about in the end.
Rolling Out shared what else Kat Jackson revealed to them during their recent interview. She is the only female tattoo artist on Black Ink Crew: Chicago. She actually started doing tattoos in her mom's basement and her dad's kitchen when she was younger. Kat Jackson shared how everyone is covered in tattoos now, and it used to be just certain people had them. It is looked at as a form of art now.

Kat Jackson shared that the back tattoo she did for Shane Ray from the Denver Broncos has caused an uproar, and it has actually helped her to get a lot of exposure. It took Kat three days to do this tattoo. There was one more thing that they asked Kat that was pretty shocking and it was if men or women cry more when they get tattoos. She did reveal that men are the ones who cry a lot more. Kat Jackson also shared that her encouraging words to viewers were that you should "just work hard, stay focused and just try really hard to cut off distractions. Most people deal with distractions, so I think just staying focused is the hardest thing to do, but it can take you far."

Are you happy to hear that Kat Jackson's show Black Ink Crew: Chicago is coming for another season? Are you excited to see this show? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss Black Ink Crew: Chicago when it returns. At this time, there is no return date, but viewers can't wait to see it again.

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