'Reign' Season 3, Episode 11 Recap And Spoilers: Castle Killer And Elizabeth's Poisoner Revealed

Episode 11 of Season 3 of Reign, titled "Succession," aired tonight, after what many fans considered to be an unbearably long break in the series.

The episode opened with Catherine (Megan Follows) making plans for her son Charles' coronation. The plans, according to the Lord keeping track of the money, were going to cost France way too much money.

"Now, I am an ornamental queen here and in Scotland."
Mary knows she's in a troubling situation and continues to reveal the connection she has with Gideon (Ben Geurens), the Ambassador of England. The Ambassador appears to be struggling to reconnect with his daughter after saving her from Elizabeth (Rachel Skarsten).
The king's guards learn the castle killer is hiding bodies in the castle tunnels.

Mary decides to help Gideon bond with his daughter. While she is with them at a festival, she is mistaken for the girl's mother. The daughter also reveals to Mary that she is scared Elizabeth is going to take her away from her father again. Mary assures the young girl that her father is her greatest protector.

After returning from being poisoned in an earlier episode of Reign, Elizabeth immediately heads to Lola's chambers. She finally makes it clear that she wanted Lola to come to English court so she could learn more about Mary. When Lola refuses to tell Elizabeth anything, Elizabeth sets fire to Lola's dresses and tells her she will be staying, but will be less comfortable until she talks.

The castle killer strikes again. This results in both nobles and lords leaving the castle, fearing for their lives.

With the help of a servant, Lola learns Lord William has feelings for Queen Elizabeth. Lola tells Elizabeth that she witnessed Lord William bedding a woman while calling her "Elizabeth" and making her wear a red wig. This is when Queen Elizabeth learns that Lord William is the one who poisoned her to kill her baby. He claims he did it to protect her throne because he loves her.

As Bash and Christophe (Nathaniel Middleton) hone in on the castle killer, clues lead them to the butcher who puts up a good fight before Bash and Christophe are able to take him down.

It is when Bash talks to Catherine that she realizes he may have the wrong person. Suspecting Christophe, her servant lover, she steals his keys and discovers they unlock the butcher's bed chambers. Christophe follows her but claims he has no interest in killing her. Instead, he lets her in on a secret.

Christophe knows that Catherine set Claude (Rose Williams) up to be beaten in an earlier episode of Reign. He tells Catherine that if she tells anyone the truth, he will tell people about what she did. He claims to have someone who can bear witness, as well.

The episode of Reign wraps up with Charles' coronation. Mary gives him a cloth as a gift and tells him to hide it in the wrist of his clothing and use it to keep the palms of his hands dry. She tells him that his brother used the cloth all the time after he almost dropped the scepter at his coronation because of how sweaty his hands were. Charles tells Mary that it was the best advice anyone could have given him.

The episode of Reign ends with Gideon telling Mary she will need to convert if she wants to safely return to Scotland. Mary has no plans of converting and plans to fight fire with fire.

Fans can rejoice as Inquisitr has reported that Reign has officially been renewed for a fourth season. With good news, unfortunately, does come some bad. Fans better enjoy Bash while they can. Entertainment Weekly has reported that Torrance Coombs (who plays Bash) will no longer be a regular on Reign after the third season concludes. The actor does, however, give fans hope that they may still get to see Bash even though he is leaving Reign as a regular character.

What did you think of tonight's episode of Reign? Do you think Mary could really kill her cousin? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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