Jenelle Evans Allows Nathan Griffith To See Kaiser For Minutes During 'Teen Mom 2' Taping

Jenelle Evans had a pretty interesting weekend. From being cleared of assault charges on Friday to partying in Los Angeles over the weekend, there wasn't one dull moment for the Teen Mom 2 star. Evans has been pretty vocal about her struggles with two custody battles. She has been determined to get Jace back from her mom, but that isn't an easy feat. Evans and Nathan Griffith are battling in court over their almost 2-year-old son, Kaiser. While there isn't much information available about the proceedings, Evans has consistently complained that Griffith has nothing to do with their son.

While it was initially thought that the Season 7 reunion of Teen Mom 2 was taped a few weeks back, Jenelle Evans confirmed she was taping the reunion special this weekend. She brought Kaiser along for the ride, and Nathan Griffith also attended. According to All About the Tea, Jenelle Evans allowed Nathan Griffith to see his son for roughly 10 minutes in between filming. Griffith was incredibly happy to see his son, posting several videos to Snapchat of the happy moment. While it is unclear if Evans was just in a good mood because of the charges being dropped or if she plans to allow the two to visit, it was a step in the right direction.

There is some worry about Jenelle Evans and recent accusations when it comes to a custody battle over Kaiser. She was acquitted of the assault charges, but there are bigger issues to worry about. Her best friend, Tori Rhyne, was recently arrested for felony heroin possession, along with marijuana charges. Evans had previously spent a lot of time with Rhyne, even allowing her to care for Kaiser for extended periods of time. Griffith is definitely going to bring this up in court, and it could make or break Evans. There have been some accusations about her using drugs, but nothing has been proven.

Fans are wondering where Jenelle Evans will go from here. Rumors indicate there were words between David Eason and Nathan Griffith at the Teen Mom 2 reunion. Both men have incredibly strong opinions about one another, and they aren't good. Evans has been bashing Griffith to Eason for several months, and opinions have been formed. In fact, Eason was there when Griffith took Evans' car from the airport and decided not to return it. There has been nothing but drama between these three, and it doesn't look like it will be cleared up anytime soon.

Kaiser missed his father, and Jenelle Evans allowed them a small reunion. It is unclear whether or not she is going to attempt to work out a parenting plan with Nathan Griffith, or if Kaiser will be allowed to see his dad once they return home. After Evans and Griffith split, he was taking his son sporadically. Evans stopped it because he left the state with Kaiser without telling her. It had been six months since father and son had spent time with one another, and 10 minutes just wasn't enough.

The Teen Mom 2 reunion will air once the season is over, and Jenelle Evans is ready to tell all regarding what she has been up to. Fans anticipate she will discuss beating the assault charge that has been hanging over her head for several months. Clearly Evans also discussed David Eason and their relationship. One of the more awkward moments would have to be when Eason and Nathan Griffith were in the same room with one another. Jenelle Evans made a small offering of peace with Griffith for a few minutes, but a nasty custody battle is likely ahead for these two.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]