'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Hope And Rafe's Relationship Edges Forward, The Teens Prepare For Prom, And More Kiriakis Drama Is On The Way

What is coming up on Monday's episode of Days of Our Lives? Spoilers indicate that there is plenty of prom prep on the way with the teens, and a new connection between Dr. Malcolm and Deimos is uncovered. Marlena will be struggling in the wake of Eric's imprisonment, and Hope gets a surprise from Rafe as this April 25 show plays out.

As viewers have seen, Ciara, Claire, Theo, and Henry are all getting ready for their big prom night. Ciara has been a bit resistant to attend, but DOOL teasers via We Love Soaps share that he will be working to convince her that they will have a good time. There have been some romantic sparks flying between Ciara and Theo, but Abe will be voicing some concerns to Hope regarding this friendship heading down a romantic path.

Days of Our Lives spoilers related to the prom indicate that the teens will all attend and seemingly have a good time. However, there are some big moments that emerge as a result of the event. Ciara, Joey, and Claire will end up being accused of vandalism before all is said and done. In addition, Claire's song will become a hit after being played at the event, and after the prom, Joey and Jade will have sex.

Elsewhere in Salem, DOOL spoilers detail that Rafe will put together a fun surprise for Hope. It seems that he will orchestrate an evening for the two of them centered around the 80s, and this will pave the way for some romantic moments. According to Soap Central, Hope and Rafe will come close to making love this week, but things get awkward when she halts the action and later is a bit chilly toward Rafe.

Deimos has admitted to Hope that he was involved in Bo's kidnapping and Days of Our Lives spoilers note that Rafe learns a new tidbit about the situation during Monday's show. He discovers that Deimos was an investor in a company that had made a payment to Malcolm. Kiriakis had taunted Hope that she would never be able to prove that he had been involved in what happened to Bo, but Rafe's newly-uncovered information may provide the link that they have needed in their investigation.

Monday's episode also brings a bit with Marlena as she struggles with Eric being behind bars. Viewers watched some emotional scenes as Eric left to begin his 5-year prison term. DOOL spoilers detail that Marlena will talk with Belle about her concerns regarding Eric. She will worry about how he will fare behind bars, and it sounds as if Belle will have to try to convince her mother that things will work out. While Greg Vaughan is gone from the role of Eric, for now, there is buzz swirling that he may be coming back not too far down the road.

As the week continues, DOOL spoilers tease that one couple will contemplate a quickie Vegas wedding while Victor and Deimos have another intense confrontation. Previews show that the younger Kiriakis may try to do away with Victor, but fans can bet that his efforts will be thwarted before they progress too far. Which brother will come out on top in this battle? Viewers will also see more of Abigail as she seeks help for her mental health issues and it seems likely that Kate Mansi's final scenes as Abigail are coming very soon.

Will Hope and Rafe soon take the next big step in their blossoming relationship? Can Abigail regain her mental health and build a happy future with Chad and Thomas? Can Ciara and Theo build a solid romantic relationship after attending their prom or is this young romance doomed? Fans are anxious to see what comes next as the drama continues on Days of Our Lives.

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