Jim Marchese’s Arrest Being Blamed On Rough Sex: Is Amber Protecting Her Husband?

Jim Marchese has been very vocal about Teresa Giudice and her husband’s bad decisions when it comes to their fraud case.

When they were all filming The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jim was very quick to judge the family and even though he didn’t say anything on the show, it sounded like he wanted the Giudice family to get what they deserved. Teresa served just under a year in prison and her husband is currently serving over three years. But Jim himself is now making headlines over his own bad decision.

According to a new Radar Online report, Jim Marchese was arrested last week for supposedly choking his wife on a plane from Los Angeles. Passengers were shocked that he supposedly tried to choke his wife, and he was arrested for felony domestic violence. While Jim himself was sleeping at the time of his arrest, his wife, Amber Marchese, is now stepping forward to share what really happened between them.

“Domestic violence is not a joke, and having my husband be accused of such a heinous act is not only hurtful but damaging personally, emotionally and professionally,” Amber Marchese revealed in a statement to Radar Online, adding, “I would never let myself be a victim of anything or anyone.”

Apparently, the two were just testing the waters when it came to the mile-high club. They had been in Los Angeles to film a new project and wanted to do something fun before returning home to their children. Who would have thought that Jim Marchese enjoyed rough sex?

“We were actually talking about hooking up and joining the mile high club,” she revealed, adding, “Some heavy PDA was involved, just the opposite of what certain people reported they saw. After that brief bit of fun between us we prepared for takeoff and I ordered a glass of white wine. I was peacefully sipping my wine and Jim was sleeping when we were asked to leave the plane.”

She explains that she was separated from Jim Marchese once they were taken off the plane. At first, she thought that something may have been wrong with their children, but she quickly learned that they wanted something else from her. They wanted her to talk about Jim supposedly abusing her in their marriage.

“All I wanted was my husband Jim, so we could figure out what happened and how to help the authorities by answering any questions,” Amber said, adding, “All Jim wanted was to make sure I was OK. We asked why we were being removed from the plane. We complied with everyone involved from the flight attendant to the authorities. Through this entire stressful situation, my husband was nothing but a gentleman and never once lost his composure.”

According to Radar Online, she defends her marriage, saying that she’s been married to Jim Marchese for 10 years and that she’s perfectly happy. She also points out that her marriage to Jim isn’t always perfect, but she is disgusted that someone would assume that she’s being abused in her marriage.

Jim himself didn’t say anything to Radar Online about his arrest. One has to wonder how this will affect his work, his profession and his role in his community. Surely, Amber doesn’t want people to think that her husband hits her or chokes her. Apparently, they just enjoy some rough sex and thought it would be fun to try having sex on a plane before take-off. Hopefully, they learned their lesson.

What do you think of Jim Marchese’s arrest? Are you surprised that his wife is coming forward, defending her husband’s actions?

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