Lil' Kim Is Pulling A Michael Jackson On Us, But Is She More Successful?

Just hours ago, Lil' Kim set the internet on fire by posting some selfies on her social media outlets in which she appears to be white. That's right, the singer is pulling a Michael Jackson on us, and web users are divided as to whether or not Kim's self-beautification was effective.

Lil' Kim's skin transformation, on the other hand, was apparently only for aesthetic purposes, although there is no word yet on whether Kim has makeup or actual skin bleaching to thank for her shocking new look.

No matter how Lil' Kim pulled it off, though, lots of fans are outraged that she feels she needs to change her appearance (especially as far as skin color is concerned) to be liked.

"You destroyed you natural beauty Black Is Beautiful" writes one of Kim's Instagram followers.

"... you made yourself to a doll.shame you didn't love yourself enough but I won't judge just pray for you."

"Why are y'all making fun of Lil Kim?" wrote another.

"Obviously she needs love and support not ppl attacking her all of you are disgusting. Lil Kim is drastically changing her appearance bc of the trauma she suffered via antiblackness & abuse but it's a joke to you."

Most people, though, were either amused or dumbfounded by Kim's big departure, leaving one-word comments like "ew," "stawp," or "wtf."

Such comments would seem to mirror the public response to Michael Jackson's descent into whiteness, as most were very confused back then about why he would do that to himself when he was already so well liked (much like Lil' Kim was previous to the current skin-whitening episode).

Unlike Micheal, though, who everyone thought had gone off his rocker when he did what he did to himself through plastic surgery, Lil' Kim is actually receiving a decent amount of support for her decision to make changes.

Although not as numerous as those who disparaged Lil' Kim's new hue, some instagram users applauded the change, asserting that Kim changing her skin tone is just a more expensive equivalent of her changing into a different colored pair of shoes. In other words, they claimed, Kim can do whatever she wants with her appearance.

"A big change from the old Lil Kim but gorgeous either way," someone wrote.

"Still the baddest."
"I like her better like this honestly," wrote a third.
Whether the much more positive reception of Lil' Kim's whitening compared to Michael Jackson's is due to the abundance of "Caucasians vs. African Americans"-related stories in the news is up for debate. There are certainly a lot of users claiming that Kim, by changing her skin color from black to white, is "switching sides," and there are just as many who point out there are no "sides" and that is an incorrect way to look at it.

Regardless, this is not the first time Lil' Kim's aesthetic self-modification has been compared to Michael Jackson. Kim has undergone a string of radical plastic surgeries stretching back to 2001, and publications like Huffington Post and One Funny Chick have compared Lil' Kim's rapidly evolving facial appearance to that of the late King of Pop. Crushable even has an article entitled "Uh Oh, Lil' Kim Is Starting To Look Like Michael Jackson."

What do you think of Lil' Kim's new face? Failure or flashy fashion statement?

[Photo by Brad Barket/AP Images]