More Snoops Indicated in Celebrity File Breach

It looks like a whole lot of people like to spy on other people’s medical records, since 14 more have been accused of violating confidentiality codes at the UCLA Medical Center.

While a hefty number of infractions stem from administrative assistant Lawanda J. Jackson‘s “nosiness,” UCLA was forced to dig deeper into the case. We’re now looking at a total of 68 suspects, which means that no celebrity in their right mind will want to have anything to do with UCLA Med Center. Britney Spears, Farrah Fawcett, and Mariah Shriver were some of the patients whose files had been improperly accessed.

Each of the employees at the Center, upon being hired, had pledged to access information pertinent to each case on an as-needed basis, and “only in the performance of assigned duties and where required or permitted by law,” reported the State.

So were people just studying up in case Britney returned?