Drake's 'Views From The 6' Cover Art Revealed — For Real This Time

Drake's Views from the 6 cover art is finally revealed. And, it's no rumor. It comes straight from Drizzy, himself.

While there have been several claim-to-fame attempts to figure out Drake's Views from the 6 artwork, from the look of his most-recent Instagram post, Drizzy enthusiasts have been misguided about it — but just barely.

On April 24, five days before Views releases to the public, Drake posted his cover art to his social media accounts as a sign of what's coming. Drake's Views album cover shows him sitting atop Toronto's CN Tower, one of the higher altitudes of the city. In the caption, Drake mentions, "To the city I love and the people in it...Thank you for everything."

It seems that fans knew Drake would use the city's building. In the aforementioned cover art designs, the CN Tower also appeared.

Since he posted the cover art, Drake's Views photo continues to receive mixed reviews. While some commentators claim that the picture is "dope," there are many others who feel the image is severely Photoshopped. One person, "Macaroni Mikey," mentions, "All that money and u can't hire anyone to photoshop." Another Views commentator, "X_Child," states, "That's looks fake my dude I ain't hating it just looks photoshopped AS H*LL."

Whether it's edited in such a way or not hasn't been confirmed. However, the fact is that Drake's Views cover art is out for public awareness. Now, Drizzy fans know what to look for on April 29. If you've kept up with the project, you'll know Drake has worked on the Views from the 6 album for a while. He wanted the project to be perfect for his listeners. And, in five days, the public will turn into Drake critics.

According to Drake, the Views album will include 20 tracks. Confirmed in the following videos, it seems that Drizzy Drake is holding nothing back with this album.

Honestly, Drake's tracks have been releasing for the last two years. Listeners are actually calling them "throw away" tracks. As in, they're not the ones to make it onto Drake's Views from the 6 album. And for this reason, his fan base mentions that his album is long overdue.
Also, with his Views release, it seems that Future is going to tour with Drake during his new album performance sets. Likewise, according to Billboard, tickets are available via Live Nation. The source mentions as follows.
"The event page, which has since been removed, listed only one tour stop (Detroit on Aug. 16), but had both Drake and Future's names on the lineup. A four-and-a-half day countdown until tickets go on sale the morning of April 29 was included."
It's called the "Summer Sixteen" tour, and this is where Future comes into play. Like Drake says, he's looking for revenge all Summer '16.

All in all, Drake is ready to give his fans what they've been waiting to receive the last two years. Views from the 6 is set to break records as well as the internet. Twitter is already on edge about the release. April 29 can't come fast enough for these listeners. As aforementioned, if you look on Twitter, you'll find that the buzz is already trending in the album's anticipation.

What are your thoughts about the Views project. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images Sport]