'General Hospital' Spoilers: Is Sam And Jason's Relationship Doomed By Helena's Curse?

Jason and Sam have finally found their way back to each other. Their road has been a long one on General Hospital, and now it seems like the wait has finally paid off. However, their happiness may just hit a snag. There is apparently a curse put on Sam Morgan given to her by Helena Cassadine. Even though Sam seems to have brushed it off, it may come to the surface pretty quickly.

JaSam fans were thrilled when their favorite couple got closer than ever this past week. The lovebirds have taken their relationship even further, and everything is going great for them, despite the fact that Jason is a little bit different than he was before he was taken away from her. Jason is falling in love with his now ex-wife all over again. However, things are about to change when it comes to Jason.

According to General Hospital spoilers that were posted by ABC, Jason is about ready to take his anger out on someone in Port Charles this week. That person happens to be Franco. The two men have been enemies for years, but Jason doesn't remember why. He is expected to find out when Sam spills about their past with Franco.

The puppy that Franco gave to Nina as a gift needs a good home, and he decides that it should be with little Jake. In the previews for Monday, Jake is holding the puppy while he is at the hospital with Franco. That will not sit well with Jason, and something about Franco will trigger his anger all over again. Poor Jake may be in the middle of it all. Is this all part of Helena's curse?

Sam had been cursed by the almighty Helena Cassadine right before she supposedly died. That dame made it a habit to put the old Cassadine curse on those who defy her right to her face, and Sam did just that. Helena had also cursed Luke and Laura back in the day, and look at all of the trouble they had for years. As for Sam Morgan, the evilness came out once again and this time, it was Sam who was the recipient. This is what Helena told her a few months ago on General Hospital as she bestowed the curse on her.
"I curse you Samantha Morgan. You, those who begot you, and those you begat, and all those who touch you. You and yours will never know happiness in this life, nor any other!"
Sam tried to dismiss it from her mind, but it is coming back to haunt her. As reported by Soap Shows, Sam just had a nightmare featuring the Cassadine matriarch, and it involved Jason getting shot while they were in bed. In the dream, Helena reminded her of that curse that she gave to her, and now Sam is just a little freaked out by it.

General Hospital's Sam Morgan is cursed.
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Sam is very happy right now with the way things are going with Jason, but this coming week may change dramatically. She will witness the old Jason coming back in bits and pieces. Jason is all confused on these feelings, and that will make for a bumpy ride for the couple.

This curse could very well include anyone that has been around Sam, especially those she is closest to. That definitely includes their son Danny, as well as Alexis, Molly, and Kristina. However, it is Jason Morgan that will most likely be the one who will suffer the most.

General Hospital star Billy Miller as Jason.
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Of course, the curse is probably just the same mind game that Helena Cassadine has been playing all of these years on General Hospital. She is good at it and keeps everyone she hates under her control by bestowing it upon them. As for Jason, Helena had him under mind control for a while before he had that chip in his brain removed. This is exactly what Helena is capable of.

Do you think this curse put on Sam and Jason is real?

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