Katie Belflower, Michael Simmons: ‘Killer Couples’ On Death Of Livermore, California, Teen Love Triangle

Katie Belflower was a seductive California teenager who enticed two people to kill for her. Her victim was Jenna Nannetti, the wife of Belflower’s lover, Michael Simmons. Tonight, Oxygen will dramatize this gruesome case on their weekly crime show Snapped: Killer Couples. Episode 704 will show viewers how a 17-year old girl’s jealousy led her to kill a rival teen so that she could have her husband, her car, and a new home. The case broke wide open after a second girl, who was almost murdered by Katie Belflower and Jeff Hamilton, told her parents. Katie Belflower, Michael Simmons, and Jeffrey Hamilton were all sentenced to prison.


It was October 2002, when a fisherman smelled a horrific odor while enjoying a day on the water. As he followed the trail, he was led into a brush that contained the partially decomposed remains of a human being. He immediately contacted authorities. When they arrived, they found a body that was in terrible condition. The heat and the animals had greatly damaged the remains. The person was identified as 17-year-old Livermore teen Jenna Nannetti.

The missing teen had already contacted her father 12 days earlier, stating that someone had hit her in the head with a baseball bat. Police eventually zoomed in on her legal husband, Michael Simmons. As police checked out their backgrounds, they learned that Jenna Nannetti had married Michael Simmons when she was just 17-years-old. She was hoping for marital bliss, but Michael, a military fanatic and bad boy, was not ready to settle down. Plus, he was trouble. He had a juvenile record and had a fascination with guns.

It wasn’t long before Katie Belflower caught his eye. Belflower had a bad reputation among the girls at school because she was known to have sex with anyone–including some of their own boyfriends. Certainly, Katie Belflower was someone to stay away from.

The relationship between Michael Simmons and Katie Belflower was a fiery one that was punctuated by intense sex romps. Katie was determined to steal Jenna Nannetti’s husband away from her, and she eventually did. Michael and Katie moved in together, which left Jenna begging for him to come back, according to court records at FindLaw.

Jenna called Michael constantly, and when he finally agreed to see her, Jenna couldn’t wait. What happened after Jenna arrived is just sad on all levels. While excited to see her estranged husband, Jenna was brutally attacked from behind with a baseball bat that Katie Belflower had wielded.

But, instead of taking her to the hospital, Michael Simmons drove around in the car with her until he could meet up with Katie and a guy named Jeffrey who had already left the scene. Once Michael Simmons found Katie and Jeff, Jenna Nannetti was shot and killed while she begged her husband to stop.


When the killing was over, they dragged her body to the water’s edge and left. It was a terrible ending to what Jenna once thought was a sweet love that would endure a lifetime. People who knew the teens were in disbelief as they heard the details. It was the kind of case that was absolutely nauseating. To be lured to your own death is an act of grave betrayal. Jenna’s father was heartsick that he couldn’t save his little girl that night.

But, Michael Simmons, Katie Belflower, and Jeffrey Hamilton committed one more bold act. They all attended the funeral for Jenna Nannetti. After the funeral, Katie wanted to spice things up with Michael by bringing in a third girl named Aspen Lum for a bit of three-way fun. But, after Katie became pregnant, her jealousy consumed her, and she wanted to get rid of Aspen. Katie masterminded a plot to intoxicate Aspen, so that her old friend, Jeffrey Hamilton, could strangle her. The plan was ruined after a police officer saw them. Aspen immediately told her mother and father, and they contacted authorities.


Watch this grizzly case for yourself tonight on Killer Couples at 9/8 p.m. central. Months ago, TheInquisitr told you that the movie Love You To Death was partially inspired by the Belflower case.

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