‘Lucifer’ Season Finale Promo: The Devil Didn’t Do It, A Kidnapping, And More Details

Lucifer Season 1, Episode 13 airs on April 25. Titled “Take Me Back To Hell,” what can viewers expect from the characters? A promo has been released for the season finale which reveals a few details. There is also the press release from FOX, which teases that the devil didn’t do it. However, that is not the only problem in the season finale. Chloe’s daughter will be kidnapped, and Malcolm Gray’s story continues. Also, find out some theories on Chloe’s true identity.

According to Spoiler TV, Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) is accused of a murder he didn’t commit. Along with Chloe Decker (Lauren German), the two try to clear Lucifer’s name and find who is really guilty of homicide.

The promo for Monday’s episode of Lucifer shows Tom Ellis’ character angry and upset. He says there is no reason for him to stay anymore. Lucifer adds to just take him back to Hell. However, that is not the biggest problem.

During the season finale, Chloe’s daughter Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) is kidnapped. Chloe receives a phone call from Trixie’s abductor, who puts the child on the phone. Chloe is alarmed and will do anything to get her little girl back. The kidnapper demands to meet with Chloe but warns for her to come alone.

Another huge spoiler from the promo clip is Lucifer realizing that someone has escaped from Hell. Maze (Leslie-Ann Brandt) orders someone to find someone in particular which may or may not be the escaped entity. Also, others become aware of the situation and want to know who left Hell.

Other tidbits from the season finale promo include feathers (which could be from angel wings) flying everywhere. Also, expect to see gunfire, plenty of action scenes, and the story with Malcolm Gray continue. That’s right, the situation with Gray is not over.

There is also some other information about Lucifer. Hypable wrote some interesting theories on the true identity of Chloe Decker. Could she be someone who is more than just a mere mortal? As fans remember from earlier in the season, Lucifer’s mind games didn’t work on Chloe, which confused Tom Ellis’ character. However, it didn’t make him angry. Instead, Lucifer became intrigued by Chloe. More recently, Ellis’ character is paranoid about Chloe and who or what she could be.

As for the theories about Chloe Decker, the website referred to the comic books, which may provide clues. One is that Chloe is really Elaine Belloc from the Lucifer comics. She is Michael’s daughter, which makes her Lucifer’s niece. It seems like a complicated storyline for those who have not read the comic books, but it is a possibility.

Another theory on Chloe’s true identity in Lucifer is something more natural, such as love. This is something that fans have been debating on, and it seems to be a logical explanation. However, one main character teased that there might be more to the story.

“Oh, I think so… A few people have made that assumption,” Tom Ellis told TV Line regarding the possibility that something more than true love could be affecting Lucifer’s powers, “that maybe just because he’s in love with her that he’s gone soft, but our story is much bigger than that.

Other spoilers for the season finale include Lucifer testing Maze’s loyalty as his world crumbles, and fans will be left with a “very, very unexpected twist.”

For fans that didn’t hear the news, Lucifer was renewed for Season 2. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, some people were upset a show about the devil would air on TV. Despite their anger and frustration, Lucifer aired, is successful, and more episodes are on the way.

What do you think will happen on the season finale of Lucifer? What kind of twist should fans expect, and how will that set the story in Season 2? Find out when FOX airs the next episode of the devilish series on April 25.

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