‘Jane The Virgin’ Season 2 Finale Spoilers And Casting Details For ‘Chapter Forty-Four’

Jane The Virgin Season 2 is currently airing on The CW network, but the season finale will not be shown until May. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t new information on what viewers can expect. There are a few interesting details on the Season 2 finale, titled “Chapter Forty-Four.” Also, learn about some casting news for Jane The Virgin.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, many fans were rooting for Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and Rafael’s (Justin Baldoni) reconciliation. However, the main character ended up choosing Michael, played by Brett Dier. During the Season 2 finale of Jane The Virgin, there will be a wedding rehearsal. However, if a wedding will actually take place is not yet known.

“I can confirm that the season finale, ‘Chapter Forty-Four,’ TV Line teased about Jane and Michael’s upcoming event, ‘will at the very least include a wedding rehearsal.’ “

Spoilers for Jane The Virgin also confirm that fans should expect to see a new face. TV Line confirmed that the series is searching for a middle-aged Latino actor to play Father Felipe. Keep in mind that Father Felipe might not be the actual name of the character. Some TV shows do this so no major spoilers are revealed.

The casting notice also states a few details about the Season 2 finale. Apparently, Father Felipe is annoyed that Michael is late for the wedding rehearsal. He wants to make sure everything goes smoothly on the wedding day. However, as with most episodes of Jane The Virgin, nothing really goes according to plan.

As viewers already know, Jane’s wedding dress has not been revealed. Some are anxious to see what Gina’s character will wear. There are others that express gratitude for not revealing all the details.

There are still a few episodes of Jane The Virgin left before the Season 2 finale. So, what can fans expect? On April 25, “Chapter Forty-One” will air on The CW network. According to Spoilers Guide, Jane will work additional shifts at work to make extra money. However, it seriously affects the time she can spend with her son, Mateo. Also, Jane and Rafael agree that a formal custody agreement needs to be drawn up.

Also, “Chapter Forty-One” will have Xo (Andrea Navedo) acting in Rogelio’s (Jaime Camil) telenovela. Jane’s mother gives a performance that surprises everyone, including herself. The newspaper writes a story on Michael and Sin Rostro, which gets him Jane’s fiancé called into his boss’ office. As for Yael Grobglas’ character, Petra, she will question Rafael about why the twins’ trust fund is different from his arrangement with Jane.

“Chapter Forty-Two” airs on May 2 and focuses on a mysterious ad that may put Jane’s teaching assistant position in jeopardy. Also, Rafael lands himself in big trouble due to his half-brother and Petra ruins Jane’s first Mother’s Day. As for Xo, she ends up in a compromising situation in Jane The Virgin Season 2, Episode 20.

Jane The Virgin Season 2, Episode 21 is titled “Chapter Forty-Three.” The press release states that the episode will air on May 9, but everything will not go smoothly. Mateo’s first birthday is coming up, but Jane discovers there may be an issue with the wedding venue. Another issue for Jane’s wedding pops up because of a challenge Rogelio faces on the set. When it comes to Michael, he has a feeling that Derek (Mat Vairo) and Mutter (Fabiana Udenio) are working together. Just like before, Jane’s fiancé is determined to prove his theory, but will there be a cost, or could it put Jane and Mateo in danger?

What do you think will happen with Jane and Michael’s wedding in “Chapter Forty-Four?” Will the couple get married on the Season 2 finale, or will Jane The Virgin fans have to wait until Season 3?

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