Will ‘Dexter’ Return To The Table Again? Thoughts About A Series Reboot So Far

It’s been three years since Dexter said goodbye to his fans. Ever since the finale, the Dexter fans have been patiently awaiting the news that Michael C. Hall would agree to come back and play the dark character again. For the past year, social media has been buzzing about a possible comeback and anticipated an announcement from Showtime in the next few months.

The fact is we don’t know if Dexter will return at some point. If so, the big questions are when will they bring it back and how? Timing is everything, and if they wait too long, they could end up frustrating the die-hard Dexter fans and turn away viewers.

The Christian Times reported that “a continuation of ‘Dexter’ is currently on the table.”

Michael C. Hall recently revealed that he “was open to playing Dexter again.” Previously, Hall had stated that he was “done with Dexter” and wanted to move on to other projects.

Here’s what’s been said so far about a possible return. Somehow the writers plan to open the show by bringing Dexter back to Miami to reunite with his former friends and co-workers. The series left off with Dexter assuming a life in parts unknown working as a lumberjack. The ending left the fans scratching their heads because it didn’t make much sense.

If the writers plan to bring Dexter back to Miami, some have noted that it could be some type of tragedy that brings him back for a brief homecoming. Some feel they need to bring the series back to address whether Dexter will pay for his misdeeds or if they will allow him to escape justice. In 2013, the writing team revealed they couldn’t give Dexter a happy ending because he was a serial killer.

“Serial killers shouldn’t get a happy ending.”

At this point, no one knows if they would bring Deb back on the show or continue without her. If you remember, Deb was killed in the season finale; if they bring her back, it is likely they are planning some type of reboot for the show.

Social media was buzzing that the series would return to bring him to justice and would end with Dexter telling his story from death row in prison. Throughout the eight-season run, Dexter would say over and over that he knew at some point that he would end up on the other side of the justice system.

Dexter is rumored to be slated to return in 2018, although, Showtime hasn’t confirmed anything just yet. For many fans, they take it as good news that both Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter have agreed to return for a Dexter miniseries.

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