April 25, 2016
‘X-Men: Apocalypse' Welcomes New Character? First Look at the Blob Released

Last year, it was speculated that Blob could appear in the new X-Men: Apocalypse film. However, it was not confirmed by Fox at the time. Fortunately for fans, Bryan Singer was more than willing to send in a sneak peek of the character in the film.

Yesterday, Singer posted a photo on his Instagram account with a huge character lying on the ground. The photo was captioned, "Mutant Martial Arts. Light as a feather. #MMA #Xmen #xmenApocalypse."

With the reveal, it is now confirmed that comic character Blob will really become a part of the movie.

Blob was born as Fred J. Dukes in Texas. He was a member of a circus show and Blob was his stage name. It was Professor X who sensed his mutant abilities and he sent out the entire X-Men team to look for Blob.

Blob was found, but he was initially uninterested in learning more about the X-Men. He was satisfied with being a freak in the circus, and he did not have any interest in saving the world.

It goes the same for the entire X-Men team because they did not like his arrogant attitude. Blob refused to join X-Men because he believed that he was better than everyone else. When Blob was about to leave, Professor X tried to stop him because he could not go with just knowing everyone else's identity.

The X-Men tried to restrain him so Professor X could erase his memory, but Blob still managed to escape. Instead of helping him use his powers for good, the X-Men invitation seemed to have been a driving force for Blob to really explore his strength. Fortunately, Professor X was able to enlist Jean's help in stopping Blob and his circus crew. The professor was able to erase their memory, but he knew that there was still a possibility this memory could come back.

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The Evil Side of Blob Ignited

In the X-Men story, there are only two clear sides: Professor X's and Magneto's. Professor X tries to liberate everyone by accepting their mutant states, while Magneto is all against the dismal human race.

SAN DIEGO, CA - JULY 11: Stan Lee (C) appears with cast members from X-Men movies onstage at the 20th Century FOX panel during Comic-Con International 2015 at the San Diego Convention Center on July 11, 2015 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

To enrich his team, Magneto recruited Blob to join his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Magneto used his power to restore his memory. Thinking that Magneto was on his side, Blob accepted the invite, but he also left when he did not get an assurance that he would be safe.

Super Blob Rejoins Storyline on Silver Screen

Because Blob's participation in the new X-Men: Apocalypse is confirmed, fans who knew the character in the comic version were excited with the news. Though Blob is a confused entity in X-Men, he still has some pretty cool superpowers.

Blob's obese body is more than just the normal body fat. Blob's mutant power is linked to mass, strength, and durability. Ironically, he also has the capacity to control gravitational mass allocation, so his weight is not particularly dragging him down.

Blob's gravitational powers can only extend to up to five feet in radius from his center of balance.

He also has superhuman durability, and he has a high resistance to injury. His fat tissues actually help him absorb the impact of any attacks, even if these are bullets, cannonballs, or bombs.

However, Blob also has weaknesses, and these are his eyes, inner ears, mouth, and nose.

Though the photo showed Blob's character knocked down, it is difficult to confirm who the actor is behind the mask. The shot looks animated and CGI-created, so it is uncertain if Blob was created as just an animated character or if there was an actor behind the big costume.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]