WWE Rumors: Former World Champion Says It Was His ‘Last Day’ — Is He Leaving WWE?

There have been a lot of departures lately from TNA Impact Wrestling, and WWE has actually seen a huge amount of big names coming in. Some of those situations are related, but not all of them. With that being said, when a former World Heavyweight Champion tweets out that it is his “last day,” one has to wonder exactly what’s going on. That’s exactly what Jack Swagger did, and many are beginning to think he’s heading out of WWE.

WWE is just finishing up a European tour, and the majority of the company has been along for the different events around the United Kingdom. Swagger is one of the many talents on the tour, and things got a bit confusing with his tweet sent out on Saturday.

After a WWE Live Event in Glasgow, Swagger confused the entire wrestling community on social media.

Obviously, it’s easy to see why so many may have been confused at the first reading of this tweet. It really does kind of appear as if Jack Swagger is saying that he has loved his job in WWE but that it is his “last day.”

Well, it certainly does seem as if there was actually just a really big misunderstanding.

wwe rumors jack swagger leaving wwe last day twitter former world champion
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Once the wrestling fans started wondering if Jack Swagger was going to be leaving WWE, his wife, Catalina, got on her Twitter account and tried to clear the air. She let it be known that it was simply the last day of the European tour and that’s what her husband was talking about.

That tweet has since been deleted.

Pro Wrestling Sheet has also confirmed that the “All American” is not leaving WWE, and he hasn’t been released by the company. He was indeed talking about it being the last day of the European tour and that he does indeed think it’s the best job he has ever had.

Jack Swagger has spent his entire wrestling career with WWE and started back in 2006 with Deep South Wrestling. During his time with the company, he has won the ECW Championship, World Heavyweight Championship, United States Championship, and the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Over the past few years, though, Swagger has fallen into mid-card limbo and even sometimes not on the card at all.

wwe rumors jack swagger leaving wwe last day twitter former world champion gone
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For a while, he was partnered up with Zeb Colter as his manager and formed a tag team with Cesaro that was known as The Real Americans. Fans really took to this team and loved the “We The People” gimmick that Swagger had been doing on WWE television.

Over the past two years, though, Swagger hasn’t really had much to do and hasn’t been in any big-time feuds except for last summer when he faced off with Rusev. Both last year and this year at WrestleMania, Swagger was on the card, but only in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Some fans believe that his de-push had to do with his arrest in February of 2013 for DUI and drug possession (marijuana). Other superstars have had much worse happen, though, and not seen a drought this long. That’s even with the drug charge being dismissed.

As of now, even though he’s seriously underrated and underused, Jack Swagger is not going anywhere and not leaving WWE. His tweet did seem to raise a lot of eyebrows and set off some alarms, but he was simply talking about the European tour that the company is on. He seems to still be enjoying himself in his career, and Swagger is staying put.

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