Does Rory McIlroy Regret Spring Break With Fiancée Instead Of ‘SB2K16’ ‘Brohamas’ Trip With Fowler, Spieth, Thomas, Kaufman?

Rory McIlroy seems to be having some regret over declining an invitation by Rickie Fowler to spend “Spring Break” in the Bahamas with him and fellow golfers Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, and Smylie Kaufman.

Last week, the quartet posted a slew of social media posts documenting their “Brohamas” trip, doing what boys do best while on vacation, and it apparently led McIlroy to question his decision to ditch the boys to go on vacation with fiancée Erica Stoll to Barbados.

On Friday, McIlroy took to Twitter to share a screenshot of a text conversation he had with Fowler inviting him to join the boys at Baker’s Bay, according to the Daily Mail.

In the post, Rory McIlroy noted that the numerous Snapchat posts by the quartet of professional golfers had him thinking twice about his choice of spring break companions.

McIlroy posted a screenshot of a text conversation he had with Fowler in late March when Fowler invited him to join the foursome at Baker’s Bay in the Bahamas. McIlroy turned him down, saying he had already made plans to travel to Barbados with Erica Stoll.

McIlroy probably did the sensible thing in deciding to spend his vacation with Stoll, but after seeing Fowler and Thomas’s Snapchats with the hashtag #SB2K16, McIlroy obviously missed having fun with the guys. Probably even more so since it would have been a nice time to just relax with the fellas that he competes against most of the year.

Fowler replied to McIlroy’s post with “We’re missing you here man!”

It may seem odd to some that these competitors would want to go on vacation together, but this young generation of golfers really do support each other and seem to enjoy each others’ company.

They also seem to enjoy ribbing each other.

Spieth, who choked during last week’s Masters Championship in Augusta, Georgia, was mercilessly mocked by Fowler and Kaufman, who imitated the Texan’s now infamous meltdown on the 12th while they were goofing off on a golf course in the Bahamas.

We shouldn’t feel too sorry for Rory McIlroy, however. His vacation with Erica looked pretty sweet, as well. Photos of him walking along the beach with his stunning fiancée should put to rest any notion that he truly regretted leaving her for the boys, as TMZ reported.

One has to wonder, though, if Jordan Spieth’s girlfriend, Annie Verret, is having her own regrets that Jordan spent his vacation with Fowler, Thomas, and Kaufman, instead of with her as he did last year after the Masters ended.

As the golfers made their way back stateside from their respective vacations, it was noted that fun was had by all.

Justin Thomas summarized the Brohamas trip best in a tweet posted Saturday.

Who is willing to bet that Rory McIlroy doesn’t miss #SB2K17?

[Image via Instagram/Rickie Fowler]