‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Abby Suspects Max May Have Caused Her Miscarriage And Stitch Refuses To Believe His Son Is A Bad Seed

What’s ahead this week on The Young and the Restless? The spoilers tease that Abby Newman will start to suspect that her step-son could be responsible for her miscarriage. Of course, no one will believe her, which will put Abby on edge. Lily Ashby finds Max’s behavior somewhat odd and catches him engaging in questionable behavior at her house. After talking to Cane, he decides to investigate the accident further.

Soap Opera Digest reported that Abby suspects that Max caused her fall. She can’t shake a feeling of uneasiness around the child. Young and the Restless spoilers hint that Abby will return to work immediately after going home from the hospital. Ashley asks her daughter why she came back so soon because she needs to rest at least a few days. Abby will break down and admit that she can’t relax at home because she feels “weird around Max.”

“She mentions that it’s weird at home because Max keeps looking at her weirdly, and she feels a strange vibe from him. She doesn’t know it is exactly, she can’t put her finger on it. He keeps apologizing, but not in a way where she feels like he is sorry for what happened to her. So she just wants to get out of the house, she can’t be around him. She doesn’t know how to deal with him right now because her world has come tumbling down.”


Young and the Restless spoilers indicate that Ashley will tell her daughter that Max may feel responsible for the accident because he planned the baby shower for her.

Abby isn’t so sure and blurts out without thinking to her mother, “What if it wasn’t an accident?”

Ashley is shocked by her daughter’s raw feelings and assures her that Max wouldn’t try to hurt her or his brother or sister, he’s just an (innocent) child.

“Ashley is kind of surprised by that and Abby talks about how she fell down the stairs. She’s walked down the stairs a million times and she always wears heels, so she doesn’t understand how this happened. Even though she didn’t see the wire, she knows something about this doesn’t feel like a normal trip. None of this is adding up in Abby’s mind.”


Abby tells her mom that she is beginning to suspect that Max intentionally caused her fall. Ashley tells her that she knows she needs a reason for this, but it was just a terrible accident. Abby needed her mother to give her support about her feelings, and Ashley refused to hear her out. It caused her to panic and brought her to the realization she cannot talk to Stitch about Max.

Young and the Restless spoilers tease that Cane and Lily notice Max’s odd behavior and worry that he may have had something to do with Abby’s accident. They feel like they can’t voice their hunch because Abby is recovering from a terrible loss. Cane decides that before someone else gets hurt, he needs to look into her accident further. The word on social media is that Cane will discover that Max tripped Abby with a wire, and they come to the conclusion that he may have caused his mother’s car accident.


Will Stitch listen to Abby’s concerns about Max? When she blows up at Max at the coffee shop later in the week, Stitch begins to worry about how she’s handling her miscarriage. Abby realizes that she can’t bring up the topic of Max because Stitch will try his best to protect his son. Is it possible that Max is a bad seed and caused his mother’s car accident?

“Abby knows deep down inside that things aren’t going to go well.”

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