Nyle DiMarco And Paige VanZant Transforming Into ’90s Movie Characters On ‘DWTS’

Nyle DiMarco and Paige VanZant are paying tribute to ’90s movies during this Monday’s episode of Dancing with the Stars. The funny films their dances will be inspired by both feature characters that are known for their colorful suits and catchphrases, and they could be respectively described as “smokin'” and “shagadelic.”

If you know your ’90s comedies, perhaps you’ve already guessed that Nyle DiMarco is going to don a yellow zoot suit to transform into Jim Carrey’s living cartoon character from The Mask. Pro dancer Mark Ballas will also get to rock a colorful suit, but it will have to be made out of crushed velvet and lace if he wants to accurately portray Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery. Meanwhile, UFC fighter Paige VanZant will get to dress up as one of the switched-on birds who steals the heart of the super spy from the ’60s, so don’t be surprised if her costume includes a catsuit or a pair of go-go boots.

As CarterMatt reports, Dancing with the Stars is celebrating famous dances on Monday night, and a few of the competitors’ routines are inspired by memorable movie scenes. Nyle DiMarco and partner Peta Murgatroyd will dance a quickstep to “Hey Pachuco” from the 1994 movie The Mask, and their performance might give a few DWTS viewers a sense of déjà vu. As PureDWTS points out, three past couples have performed to “Hey Pachuco” on the show: Season 5 winners Hélio Castroneves and Julianne Hough, Season 11 sixth place finishers Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke, and Season 15 runners-up Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough.

All three couples also performed a quickstep to the song, so Peta Murgatroyd will have to get creative with her choreography if she wants to ensure that Nyle DiMarco’s dance doesn’t just look like a redo of these previous routines.

In the video below, you can watch Jim Carrey sweep a young Cameron Diaz off her feet at the Coco Bongo club.

No one has danced while rocking a bright green mask like the one that Jim Carrey wears in The Mask, so this daring costume addition would be one way for Nyle DiMarco to ensure that he stands out from the past DWTS competitors who have channeled the comic book character. However, the deaf America’s Next Top Model winner has said that he keeps in step with the music by following Peta Murgatroyd with his eyes, and a mask might make it harder for him to see.

Mark Ballas will face a similar costume dilemma when he and Paige VanZant perform a jazz routine to “Soula Bossa Nova,” the theme song for the Austin Powers movies. He’ll have to decide whether he wants to simply rock a groovy suit or whether he wants to go all out with a shaggy wig, Wayfarer glasses, and a set of bad false teeth.

Mike Myers’ beloved spy character encountered numerous beautiful women during his adventures, so it’s difficult to guess what Paige VanZant’s costume will look like. She could dress up like Elizabeth Hurley’s character by rocking a black leather catsuit, or maybe she’ll channel fellow blonde Felicity Shagwell (Heather Graham) by wearing a ’60s-inspired jumpsuit and go-go boots. Paige might even try to mess with Nyle DiMarco’s mojo by transforming into a fembot with machine gun jubblies that malfunction after Mark rips off his suit to reveal a pair of Union Jack undies. Then again, a striptease probably wouldn’t be Len Goodman’s cup of tea.

Mark Ballas and Paige VanZant are likely feeling the pressure to get a 10 from Len or one of the other judges after Nyle DiMarco and his Switch-Up Night partner, Sharna Burgess, earned the first perfect score of the season. As Entertainment Weekly reports, a paddle mix-up had Nyle and Sharna initially thinking that they earned a total of three 10s for their Viennese Waltz, but host Tom Bergeron explained that Len Goodman was the only judge who turned in a written score of 10 to the producers. Bruno Tonioli and guest judge Maks Chermkovskiy both wrote down 9s before seemingly changing their minds and holding up their 10 paddles, but their written scores were the ones that counted. Nyle DiMarco still waltzed away with the highest score of the night without the extra two points.

You can find out if Nyle DiMarco stays on top of the leaderboard when Dancing with the Stars airs Monday night at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. Do you think he or Paige VanZant will perform the best dance inspired by a ’90s movie?

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