Kim Kardashian Allegedly Tried Sabotaging Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ Album Reveal — But Failed!

Kim Kardashian is making headlines for what many are considering a clear attempt to sabotage Beyonce’s Lemonade album premiere.

According to reports, Beyonce’s fans are livid at the fact that Kim felt the need to showcase semi-naked photos of herself just minutes before Queen Bey unveiled her HBO televised movie Lemonade.

The anticipation was high and the hashtag #Lemonade was already beginning to trend prior to the screening. BuzzFeed notes that Kim must’ve been aware of Beyonce’s album release considering that the 34-year-old was already the number one trending topic on Twitter.

Kim seemed unbothered as she uploaded several photos of herself, making sure her cleavage was showing in every single picture. Beyonce’s fans noted that while their idol was scheduled to premiere her televised movie at 21:00, Kim strategically began uploading her sexy snaps at 20:58.

The reality star tweeted photos throughout the Beyonce special, which many found quite odd considering how hard Kardashian has reportedly tried to befriend ‘Yonce over the years.

The social media fanatic became mutual friends with the songstress after her husband, Kanye West, reportedly introduced the duo to one another. Kanye has been a family friend to Beyonce and Jay Z since 2000, so it only seemed right for the rapper to include Kim in his inner circle of famous friends.

Yet despite being linked to one another through their rapper husbands, it has often been said that Beyonce has never been a big fan of Kim Kardashian and the image she so proudly represents.

“Bey does not like Kim at all,” a source explained at the time. “She’s cool with Kanye, but can’t stand Kim. B calls Kim a ‘scandalous social climbing wh*re’ behind her back.”

Perhaps the endless attempts in trying to fit in with Beyonce have become tiresome for Kim Kardashian, who also made no mention of the “Formation” singer’s new album on any of her social media accounts.

Linking it all together, the Beyhive are fuming, convinced that Kim Kardashian might have tried to sabotage social media users in paying more attention to her sexy snapshots as opposed to what many are already calling the album of the year.

It was famously claimed that when Beyonce and Jay Z planned to relocate from New York to Los Angeles, they went out of their way to stay far away from Calabasas, allegedly wanting to avoid seeing the Kardashian family at all costs.

“Beyoncé couldn’t believe what she was hearing” when she was reportedly told to befriend Kim Kardashian once she had settled in, an insider dishes.

Despite fans’ fury towards Kim and her supposed plans to sabotage Beyonce’s Lemonade album campaign, her saucy photos didn’t exactly affect Bey in the slightest, as the HBO special event firmly held the number one trending topic throughout the night.

Kim, on the other hand, did not even make the top 10 trending topics, so if her intentions were to truly hurt Beyonce’s TV ratings, her plan certainly didn’t work as well as she may have hoped it would.

Either way, Beyonce’s fans are certain that Kim’s lack of support, despite being a mutual friend through Kanye West, has evidently placed her in the wrong position, one that has made thousands of fans very angry.

[Photo by Elsa and Larry Busacca/Getty Images]