Justin Bieber To Become Greatest Living Performer - As Selena Gomez And Kourtney Kardashian Get Stuck On His Spider Web

An anonymous source has divulged Justin Bieber's secret plans for world domination. Despite the fact that Bieber is barely 22 years old, he has everything planned to the last detail. The second part of the secret and now not-so-secret plan first reared its ugly head last Thursday, on the occasion of the passing of the legendary singer Prince. The intercepted plan aims to transform Justin Bieber into the planet's greatest performer.

And not only that, Bieber is all set on making Selena Gomez and Kourtney Kardashian inadvertently support the hunky singer's plan to keep the two women stuck on a love triangle with him. Why, because it works for the Biebs.

Don't say nobody gave the warning bells a shake when all these developments are barely starting to take shape. Never mind if Bieber has not thought out whether this type of arrangement will work in the long run for Selena. After all, Kourtney Kardashian, the cougar in the equation is coy with everything because it works for her and satisfies her needs. Ultimately, what matters is what works for Bieber.

As some very manipulative individuals would have it, timing is everything. And somewhere, some spin doctor is orchestrating all these events for a very definite purpose. Hence, the Purpose World Tour.

It is billed as the third worldwide tour by the Canadian singer, whose rise to fame was too mercurial as everyone recalls and therefore, suspect. Anyway, the Purpose World Tour took off on March 9 and has an expiry date of November 29. Currently, the whole tour is going as planned, except for a few minor criticisms of Bieber's uneven, sagging enthusiasm during the show and plenty of reliance on lip syncing, as exhibited in the recent Texas leg of the tour.

Somehow, people working closely with the artist still managed to clean up the act, and not only that. They were even able to move on to the next phase. In fact, Ticket Master reviews of the Purpose World Tour is currently aglow with dazzling comments from attendees. Just one of these goes "It was amazing best time ever my friend and I had a great time it was pretty cool everything about was different and cool specially the ending."

And it pertains to the KFC Yum! Center- Louisville, KY- Wednesday, April 20 leg of the tour. Here are more positive comments.

"Didn't catch his last show in St. Louis, so I bought my daughter tickets to this performance. Just as expected, he put on a production, not just a show. Money well spent!!!"

Skimming through all these comments, it were as if the Texas fiasco never happened. Anyway, let's move on.

Philips Arena- Atlanta, GA- Wednesday, April 13: "JB put on a show! The concert was great from start to finish, loved the set list and special guests. I can tell Justin put in a lot of time and preparation to make the show the best. The graphics, lights, and outfits were amazing. Can't wait for the next show."

And now, for the rumored Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Kourtney Kardashian love triangle in the works, the anonymous source first got wind of the plan at the beginning of this month. The source shared The Hollywood Gossip's point of view regarding the subject.

"So what was this light bulb moment Bieber had? Justin wants to have a threesome with both women, in a sort of gladiator-style battle to win his heart... and loins."

Now watch closely as a very distinct pattern emerges. Notice that the above report was made to look speculative or suggestive, as opposed to stating the facts. Next, time to examine the so-called Wyatt's Instagram page, according to Inquisitr:

"Some mused that the Biebs was claiming he is one of the greatest living performers. Others speculated that the 22-year-old was simply saying — albeit in a clumsy way — that there are still great 'living' performers to enjoy, even though Prince is now dead. Either way, Bieber's rep is clear that the screenshot of the alleged comment is 'fabricated' and was not posted by the 'Sorry' singer."

The two issues are actually mirror images, even though they are statements about two different topics or subjects. By being both suggestive as opposed to declarative, however, these pronouncements suggest a Trojan horse nature to the trained eye. In other words, such statements appear to be catapulted to shape public opinion in a very specific way.

To illustrate, the first one seems to imply that a Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Kourtney Kardashian love triangle makes sense and sounds practical. On the other hand, the statements pertaining to Prince are a way to associate mentally Justin Bieber's stature with that of the legendary Prince. Why, what a truly a hare-brained strategy.

So based on the subtle publicity that is being orchestrated here, one assumption that can be made is that Justin Bieber intends to take over the title of the greatest performer at some time in the future. Another is that, the Bieber-Gomez-Kardashian triad makes sense. And for as long as Selena keeps quiet about the whole thing, the triad works.

In fact, Selena's upcoming version of reality TV can become an extension of the complicity to create a love triangle from which Justin Bieber stands to profit the most.

In summary, don't be surprised if someday soon, Justin emerges as truly the greatest performer in history or that the Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Kourtney Kardashian love triangle becomes a household name. It's all part of a plan all along. As to the question who is actually orchestrating all these leaks, let's leave the matter to the public to figure out.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]