‘Game Of Thrones’ Creators Reveal ‘Jon Snow Is Dead’ Ahead Of Season 6 Premiere

When Game of Thrones returns for its sixth season, the fate of Jon Snow (Kit Harington) will hang in the balance. While fans continue to churn out theories on Jon’s resurrection, creators of the show recently confirmed that the character is dead.

In an interview with Variety, creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss discussed Jon’s death at the end of Season 5. Without holding back any punches, the two talked about Jon’s final moments and revealed that the character really did meet his end.

“Jon Snow is dead. If you look at his eyes there. We spent a lot of time…”

The final shot of Jon featured the character lying in a pool of his own blood while the camera zoomed in on his eyes. Many fans have picked apart this final scene, mostly with hopes that Jon somehow lived through his injuries.

However, as Benioff and Weiss revealed, they did their homework and made sure that Jon’s death scene was as true to life as possible. This includes Jon’s eyes, which apparently dilated at the end.

Melisandre The Red Woman from HBO's Game of Thrones
One fan theory involves Melisandre bringing Jon Snow back to life. [Image via HBO]
“It is called a ‘pupillary sphincter,’ as a matter of fact, we looked this up on the Internet, and it said that your pupillary sphincter relaxes and that your eyes dilate, and if you look carefully, Jon’s pupil dilates — the one that’s in the light dilates,” Weiss explained.

The upcoming season marks the first time the series is without the guidance of a Game of Thrones book. Author George R.R. Martin is currently writing The Winds of Winter, which means the two creators had to continue the story without a roadmap.

“This is us carrying the story forward from the end point of the final book,” Weiss stated in the interview. “That was both very exciting and a bit terrifying at times.”

Not only does this mean that the show has more freedom, but it also means that fans have no idea what to expect in the new season. According to Winter Is Coming, several of the show’s stars have promised that fans are going to be shocked by the end of the first episode, titled “The Red Woman.”

“Brace yourself for more,” Isaac Hempstead Wright (Bran Stark) shared. “There are things happening this season that are going to be remembered as the biggest events that ever happened on Game of Thrones. We look back, and we think about the Red Wedding, Hardhome…imagine rolling all of that into one ball. That’s some of what you can expect for season six. It’s just one [scream] after another. It’s crazy. It’s so good.”

While fans still hope that Jon will be resurrected in the new season, it is clear that some characters will meet their end. In fact, according to Coming Soon, there could be as many as three main characters killed off next season, if not more.

'Game Of Thrones' Season 6 Spoilers — First Look At The Return Of Bran Stark [Image via HBO]
Bran Stark returns for Season 6, after being absent for Season 5. [Image via HBO]
Although details are sparse, the Hall of Faces promotional trailer might offer some clues about which characters will die in Season 6. The trailer featured a number of main characters that have already been shockingly killed, including Robert Baratheon, Joffrey Baratheon, Catelyn Stark, and Robb Stark.

However, it also included the faces of characters that are still alive and well in the series. This includes the likes of Sansa Stark, Tyrion Lannister, Jamie Lannister, Melisandre, and Cersei Lannister. Cleary, the fate of these characters is up in the air as the series moves into unchartered territory. Considering how nobody is safe on Game of Thrones, there’s no telling which characters will make it through another season alive.

The new season of Game of Thrones is set to premiere on April 24.

Tell us! Are you still holding out hope that Jon Snow is alive this season on Game of Thrones? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via HBO]

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