Justin Bieber May Record His Own Version Of Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’

South Korean rapper Psy (Park Jae-Sang) is riding high — perhaps literally given his unique horse dance moves– with the viral music video “Gangnam Style,” and Justin Bieber may want a piece of the action.

According to ChannelNewsAsia, Psy is on his way to America to “explore collaboration opportunities” with Justin Bieber, and that “speculation is rife that Bieber may work with Psy to create a US adaptation of the song.”

On the other hand, Psy is denying any joint projects with Justin Bieber in connection with “Gangnam Style.” He told The Wall Street Journal that “No, that’s not true. But it is true that I am going to meet with Scooter Braun, who produced Justin Bieber…It will just be a casual meeting.”

Psy also told the WSJ that the music video’s popularity outside of Korea was a surprise: “But since I’ve been always a singer for the local market, it never occurred to me that people outside the country would listen to my music. I didn’t even have overseas fans. When I wrote the song, I had only one thing in mind — to create a fun song.”

“Gangnam Style” has received about 29 million hits on YouTube to date. Gangnam referenced in the title is one of Seoul’s trendiest neighborhoods along the lines of Beverly Hills, California. Time explains that “Much of the video features PSY riding an invisible horse through the streets of the Seoul’s Gangnam district, which gives you a pretty good sense of the clip’s tongue-in-cheek vibe.”

Psy has also just released a follow-up version of “Gangnam Style” with the same beat called “Oppa Is Just My Style” but apparently from a woman’s point of view. Watch it here:

“Gangnam Style” is everywhere. In between innings of any professional baseball game, the ballpark tries to keep the fans’ attention. In this video, the cheerleaders, mascot and even apparently the security guard dance to “Gangnam Style” at the Doosan Bears game in Seoul: