Josh Hartnett Sues Daily Mirror

Josh Hartnett isn’t happy, and that’s putting it lightly. He’s pissed enough to sue The Daily Mirror in the UK, requesting damages, defamation, and an apology (one in public, that is), and it’s over a story that he had a “saucy hotel romp” with a girl in a hotel library. The Mirror claims that the whole thing was caught on CCTV, and that the encounter was pretty hot, too:

“A whole team of hotel personnel watched dumbstruck as Josh pulled out all the stops in a breathtaking performance. The lusty couple had sloped off to the Soho hotel’s library – but reading was the last thing on their minds.”

Oooh la la. They even claimed that Josh had “X-Rated Moves”! Josh denying this makes me very sad, mostly because I started looking at him in a *new way*.

Despite a looming Rainman debut, Josh will benefit from the free publicity, no matter what the outcome. I just hope he doesn’t flub on stage with the rumors on his mind.

Image: WireImage