Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Have A Toddler And A Baby On The Way, Still Want To ‘Spit Out A Litter Of Kids’

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are already thinking about baby names for their second baby, according to E! Online. The Deadpool star and his wife announced they have their second baby on the way just last week, but it seems that the two are already gearing up for the arrival of the baby.

An E! Online source revealed that Ryan Reynolds and his wife are already looking forward to having their second baby. The Deadpool actor first met his Green Lantern co-star Lively while filming in early 2010, and four years later, in December, 2014, their daughter, James, was born.

“Blake is only in her second trimester, but she already has some baby names in mind.”

But since both Ryan Reynolds and Lively love to keep personal things to themselves, it’s unlikely the couple is going to share their baby name ideas with the public. But the source claims that Lively has been discussing what name to pick for their second baby with Ryan Reynolds and close friends.

In fact, Lively wouldn’t mind having three children and maybe even more, the source revealed. And even though Lively didn’t act during her pregnancy with daughter James, the Gossip Girl actress is planning to continue acting during her second pregnancy, according to the source.

“If Blake isn’t acting then she’s usually busy working on her own personal projects.”

Another source told E! News that both Ryan Reynolds and his wife are very excited for their second baby, adding that Lively always wanted to have “two or three kids.” But it doesn’t come as a surprise that the two want more kids.

Lively revealed in her recent interview with magazine Marie Claire that if she could “spit out a litter of kids,” she would. Ryan Reynolds, in his recent interview with Details magazine, said he would love to have a big family with Lively.

“We both come from big families—my parents did four, Blake’s did five. A lot of people say it’s crazy, but we’ll only know when we’re there, you know?”

The Deadpool star added that he and his wife will “walk through that fire pretty happily.” And Ryan Reynolds’ fans are also excited about the news that the couple is expecting their second baby, because it means there will be more cool-dad tweets from the actor soon.

Every single tweet Ryan Reynolds has made about his daughter James since the day she was born were absolutely hilarious, according to Elite Daily. And so is his latest tweet, which has black humor written all over it.

In the tweet, Ryan Reynolds said his daughter will have to bury him someday.

“My daughter just sneezed into my yawning mouth. Seemed really f***ing pleased with herself. Joke’s on her. She’ll have to bury me someday.”

Ryan Reynolds has been named as one of GQ‘s most stylish men, according to the Daily Mail. The 39-year-old Deadpool star is featured in GQ‘s 13 Most Stylish Men In The World Right Now.

Ryan Reynolds was featured on the cover of GQ‘s May issue. However, the actor wasn’t the only one who covered the May issue of the men’s magazine as Drake, Future, and even Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also appeared on special covers of the issue.

In particular, Ryan Reynolds was praised by GQ for his classic looks, which he usually complements with special “twists.” GQ even went as far as dubbing the Deadpool actor the “Double Taker” for making every detail in his style matter.

On the cover of GQ‘s May, 2016, cover, Ryan Reynolds is seen wearing a custom midnight blue velvet tuxedo. The issue also featured Eddie Redmayne, Harry Styles, Tom Hardy, Idris Elba, Odell Beckham, Jr., and others.

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