Zac Of ’60 Days In’ Reveals How Prisoners Do Drugs Inside Jail

Things are really heating up on the A&E show 60 Days In, and now Zac is sharing some of the details about how they get drugs in jail and can find a way to get high. Zac is one of the citizens who went into the show and pretended to be a prisoner to find out what really goes on behind bars. Business Insider shared the details about what Zac had to say about the drugs on 60 Days In. Clark County Sheriff Jamey Noel shared that 80 percent of their inmates are there on drug-related charges.


A lot of the drugs that they are using on 60 Days In are totally different than those that you see on the outside. They are very resourceful about finding ways to get drugs on the inside. On an episode of 60 Days In, everyone noticed that sometimes they trade prescription drugs. One guy didn’t want to take the medicine they gave him, so he pretended to take it and passed it on to someone else. They hide it in their cheek so it looks like they took the meds. Zac explained how this goes down on 60 Days In.

“Basically they’d tuck them under their tongue or under their cheek, and drag them out and then trade them off to people. Every single pill call there was someone who was cheeking their meds, either to trade them off or to stockpile them to use for getting high.”

That is not the only way that they get high on 60 Days In. Zac shared some details about another way that they are doing it. Here is what Zac revealed.

“What they would do is they would smoke the e-cigarettes they buy off commissary, and then take them apart and crush up the filter that’s inside there, and smoke that. It would actually absorb a lot more of the nicotine. They would either snort it or smoke it, and it gives them a bigger high.”

Sheriff Jamey Noel knows that this is going on, though. He shared that on 60 Days In, they will actually even add some Orajel before they smoke it. Of course, this helps them to get an even bigger high. They call it a “crack stick” when they smoke it. They have also figured out how to use coffee to get high on 60 Days In. Zac shared that the inmates will soak a strip of paper in coffee until it is completely saturated and then you get high from that as well.


They have even found a way to drink on 60 Days In. Zac revealed that they would mix fruit and sugar in a two-liter bottle and let it ferment. This is supposed to taste terrible, but it somehow does the trick. Crack, cocaine, and meth are even smuggled into the jail as well. Some people can get them in and hopefully, Zac can figure out how while he is on 60 Days In. This would stop some of the drug problems if they can figure out how it is coming in. He did share that sometimes their friends get arrested on purpose to bring them in.

Variety shared that the ratings for 60 Days In just keep going up each week. Things are going great for the series so far. This show was actually already picked up for a second season.

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