‘Big Bang Theory’ Canceled? That’s What Rumor Says

Is the Big Bang Theory cast saying farewell with this season? According to circulating rumor, this may be the last round. However, is this true?

For the last few days, Big Bang Theory fans have been frantic with the thought of the show being cancelled. According to a source, one of the cast members was interviewed in March — where he pointed out that this season could be the last.

The source that started the recent hype is Unleashed Reality. Likewise, the Big Bang Theory cast member allegedly interviewed was Jim Parsons — or known on the sitcom as Sheldon Lee Cooper. However, after further investigation, this particular interview didn’t happen. Thus, Big Bang Theory‘s cancellation rumor is just that — a hoax.

According to the source, the Big Bang Theory cast member supposedly made a shocking discovery which turned him away from the future role as Sheldon. And, it wasn’t that he and Amy Farrah-Fowler were to have coitus once again.

Rather, the satire report states that Jim Parsons — whom this source also says is supposedly a world-renowned scientist on-the-low, in reality — stated that he was initially under the impression that the show was set to be an overall documentary series on the scientific “big bang theory.” And, since he’s an actual scientist, Mr. Parsons felt that his role was to provide educational understanding. Yet, that was disproved during his interview with The Early Show, in 2011. The Big Bang Theory‘s Parsons was asked if he were really as smart as “Sheldon.” To this, he replied, “I’m not stupid. But I’m no genius.”

However, supposedly throughout his time on the show, things never dawned on him that it wasn’t a documentary — until this current season, of course.

The source mentions that, when the Big Bang Theory cast member “found out,” he was allegedly so mad that he wanted to “punch one of the make-up ladies.” Could you ever imagine Jim Parsons punching someone — let alone, a make-up artist?

The satire source mentions that Parsons stated as follows.

“I got so mad that I even threatened to punch one of the make-up ladies, it was really bad. It took three fairly large men to restrain me, and even then, I kept shouting and swearing.”

Really, Jim? Surely, the public couldn’t even fathom such a reaction from Parsons, even in imagination. Yet, that wasn’t the end to the Big Bang Theory cast member’s alleged interview. The actor supposedly had much more to say about the deception of the show, as follows.

“You know, I had my doubts over the years. Like way back in Season 2, I’d think to myself, ‘Hey, wait a minute, isn’t this supposed to be a documentary series? Why are we always going to comic con? And why haven’t we talked about literally anything big bang related?’, but then I’d shrug it off and go back to filming. I guess if I had really paid attention to the set, the actors, and the script, I would have known that it was definitely not a documentary about the big bang.”

In reality, Big Bang Theory‘s Jim Parsons knew exactly the parameters of the “Sheldon” role. Even before the moment he saved Leonard, Raj, and Howard from exploding in the apartment’s elevator, Parsons was 100 percent in-character.

So, while this outlandish rumor has been terrorizing the Big Bang Theory community, it’s simply not true. As a matter of fact, the cast just ended the season on a great note, and they’re looking forward to the next season.

Moreover, even from a generic Facebook search, you can see that Big Bang Theory has a worldwide fan base. It’s not just American programming anymore. It’s much too late to talk about canceling the show. The public might go into utter CBS backlash if that happened. That’d be like FOX and Adult Swim canceling Family Guy, right?

Nevertheless, what do you think about this Big Bang Theory rumor? Did it have you on pins and needles? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, below.

[Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment]