Tesla Model X SUV Glitches Prove To Be Major Headache For Owners

The Tesla Model X SUV was set to be a major step toward progress in protecting the environment. However, some glitches have been discovered, which the car's owners have found more than annoying.

The electric SUV could have been a breakthrough in automotive technology, and shows promise while delivering a "futuristic" feel with its falcon-wing doors. The functionality of those doors isn't proving to be so futuristic, as many owners are finding they don't open or close like they should. To make things worse, the glitch seems to be getting worse with time.

Could this be a sign that we shouldn't be buying fully electric cars yet? While they are more environmentally friendly, Tesla Motors vehicles are still in the "luxury" zone of pricing. If you're living on a budget, you might want to stick with older SUVs, or sedans, if you only need to go to work and back.

A Tesla spokesperson made a statement on the glitches.

"While we have seen some issues with early Model X builds, the issues are not widespread, and we are working closely with each owner to respond quickly and proactively to address any problems. We will continue to do so until each customer is fully satisfied. This commitment is one of the reasons why 98 [percent] of our customers say they will buy another Tesla as their next car."
Basically at this point, the Tesla Model X SUV door glitches aren't widespread enough to force a recall. However, a problem with seat recliners has prompted one already. At $132,000, only the wealthy can even afford it right now anyway, so it's going to be a while before we are driving en masse in falcon-wing door SUVs that don't use gasoline.

One owner of the vehicle has complained that he was able to close the Tesla Model X SUV door by hand, but the latch wouldn't register. He ended up driving to work with his hand on the door to keep it shut. In the coming days, the glitch became worse, with the doors refusing to open, essentially locking him out.

The problem is reportedly not mechanical, and may be fixed with a simple update to the vehicle's software.

San Francisco venture capitalist Byron Deeter has encountered a nightmare of his own with the Tesla Model X SUV glitches.

"It had a handful of what I'd call acceptable tech glitches early on, like the falcon-wing doors not always detecting that I was ready for them to open. But in the past couple of days it's gotten to where I think there are safety and usability issues."
Another owner has taken to the Tesla forums to tell the world that "[my] car has been back into the shop twice, and the bugs are still everywhere. The [passenger] door does not open, the [driver] door opens to different positions, no parking feature, sometimes doors won't close unless you force it and when you close it sounds like metal to metal. I could go on and on."

The glitches reach all the way to brakes and windows in some reports. Complaints with the first wave of the Tesla Model X SUV may prove to dampen the pre-orders of the Tesla Model 3, as well, as consumers may reconsider their purchase. Even the Model S Saloon had similar problems in 2012, but Tesla is not alone. Reports point to remodels of the Toyota Prius, Volvo, and Vauxhall also facing problems with initial vehicles.

It's probably going to take a while before the Tesla Model X SUV has been perfected enough to be reliable.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]