Jenelle Evans’ Best Friend Tori Rhyne Arrested For Drug Possession, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Partying Again?

Jenelle Evans cannot catch a break if she tried. The Teen Mom 2 star is constantly embroiled in a legal battle of her own or with someone she is closely associated with. Evans has recently been accused of using drugs, although she adamantly denies using anything. It is clear that she has progressed in her life, but it is unclear whether or not she is always at the top of her game. With custody battles and legal problems, Evans needs to stay out of trouble for her own good.

Tori Rhyne has been on Teen Mom 2 alongside Jenelle Evans for several episodes. The two are best friends, often hanging out with one another. In fact, Evans even used Rhyne to watch Kaiser while she was working on her website and furthering her career. The two have exchanged words back and forth but remain friends. According to All About the Tea, Jenelle Evans’ best friend was arrested for drug possession last week. The charges include marijuana and heroin possession. This has lead to speculation that Evans may not be as clean as she would like everyone to believe. Could the Teen Mom 2 star be back on drugs and sliding down another slippery slope?

A lot has been going on in Jenelle Evans’ life. From fighting her mother for custody of Jace to battling her ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith for Kaiser, she is always preoccupied with court dates and paperwork. Her boyfriend, David Eason, was recently arrested for violating an order of protection for seeing his son. Evans isn’t known for making the best choices in men, but now her friend choices are in question. If she is caught with Tori Rhyne and drugs, she would be at a point where she could lose custody of both children.

Things between Jenelle Evans and Tori Rhyne haven’t always been great. The two lived together at one point but failed to continue to get along. Rumors swirled that Evans was dumping Kaiser on Rhyne all the time to avoid being a mother. In fact, she even referred to her friend as Kaiser’s nanny. It is unclear whether or not money was given for babysitting, but it appeared that the arrangement put a strain on their friendship. The latest saga in Rhyne’s life could be damaging to Evans if the two remain close friends. She already has one DUI conviction from 2011, and it appears Rhyne has not yet learned her lesson.

Fans are hoping Jenelle Evans knows better than to get hooked back into drugs. There was a photo circulating a few months ago that showed Evans with two girlfriends and a marijuana bowl in the photo. The girls all looked high, but she denied that she was involved in smoking marijuana with her friends. Nathan Griffith knows a lot about Evans, and he is prepared to use it in court. Will he tell everyone that the Teen Mom 2 star has been using drugs all along?

Rumors have been circulating that Jenelle Evans and David Eason are thinking about an engagement. This would be the second marriage for Evans and the third engagement. The decisions she is making in her life right now will affect the outcome of both custody battles without a doubt. If Evans doesn’t choose to do the right things, she could lose both boys for good. In a Teen Mom 2 preview, Nathan Griffith calls Evans out for allowing a felon to live in the house with their young son. Could that pose an issue? Jenelle Evans is in a tough spot, and without proper guidance, she could lose everything she has worked so hard to obtain.

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