April 21, 2016
'Suicide Squad': New Trailer Paints A Different Picture [Watch]

Suicide Squad's exciting new trailer was unveiled on Sunday during the MTV Awards, according to Forbes. And there are a few things shown in the 135-second clip that couldn't go unnoticed, including the fact that Batman might have a much bigger onscreen presence than previously thought.

Warner Bros. unveiled the new trailer for Suicide Squad, which shows the new comic book movie will have an abundance of violence and the obligatory funny quips planted here and there.

After critics said Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's tone was too serious, Warner Bros. began doing reshoots to make Suicide Squad have a more comedic tone than originally planned.

This is the third trailer for Suicide Squad (technically there were only two official trailers, but that leaked SDCC reel should be counted as well). The very first trailer for the movie, which hits theaters on August 6, debuted at the end of a 30-minute TV special about the DC Extended Universe.

And after a rather unsuccessful release of Batman v Superman, it's now in Suicide Squad's hands to save the franchise. And even though Batman v Superman is expected to finish its box office run with around $900 million worldwide, movie critics say they aren't fooled by the numbers.

It's bad reviews that (almost) never fool the audiences. And the latest Batman movie, starring Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, is getting quite a lot of bad reviews from disappointed fans. However, there are a number of trump cards in Suicide Squad that could indeed save the franchise.

First of all, Will Smith; secondly, Viola Davis; and thirdly, the DCEU debuts of The Joker, portrayed by Jared Leto, and Harley Quinn, portrayed by Wolf of Wall Street star Margot Robbie. Quinn's appearance will be one of the biggest factors to determine Suicide Squad's success, as Harley is the most popular female comic book character today.

And there is no telling how Harley Quinn is going to be portrayed in the movie, but if the general audience -- especially female comic fans -- don't like the way the character is portrayed in Suicide Squad, director David Ayer should expect a great deal of criticism.

Another major factor that will determine Suicide Squad's success is the onscreen presence of Batman and The Joker, because who doesn't love the hilarious squabbles and finger-pointing between the two? It's unclear how much screen time the two will get in the upcoming movie, but one thing is certain: Batman makes quite a few appearances in the latest trailer.

The screenings have revealed that Batman has a much bigger onscreen presence in Suicide Squad than previously thought, according to Cinema Blend, which cites Umberto Gonzalez of Heroic Hollywood.

According to Gonzalez, as shown in the test screenings, there is "a lot more" of Affleck's Batman in the movie than Warner Bros. is letting on. Fans previously thought that Batman's screen time in Suicide Squad was limited to flashbacks and a chase sequence with a runaway Joker and Harley Quinn. But it seems that Affleck has more screen time this year than previously thought.

However, it still remains unlikely that Suicide Squad will reach Batman v Superman box office numbers worldwide due to its release date in August. In fact, there have been only two films opening in the last month of summer that exceeded $500 million worldwide – The Sixth Sense and Guardians of the Galaxy. The only advantage Suicide Squad has, however, is that it will be the last big blockbuster of this year's summer season.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]