October 20, 2016
Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt Shared A Bottle Of Wine Before Filming 'Passengers' Sex Scene

For any actor or actress, sex scenes are undeniably the most intimate of affairs. However, sharing such an intimate moment on screen with someone you barely know is no easy task for many actors. However, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt have revealed how they managed to pluck up the courage for their Passengers sex scene.

According to Vanity Fair, Jennifer Lawrence has admitted that she was incredibly nervous about filming her first-ever sex scene with Chris Pratt, a married man. With that in mind, Pratt has revealed how Lawrence and himself managed to overcome their nerves and apparently, a bottle of wine is all it takes. As you'd imagine, filming a sex scene is difficult enough, but that wasn't helped by the fact that Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt didn't even know each other before they started filming.

Speaking of their relationship, Pratt said that "I had never met Jen prior to doing Passengers." He went on to speak of how he was, of course, aware of Jennifer Lawrence as an actress, but their first actual meeting was in her house for a script read-through with the film's director. Over their time working together, Pratt spoke of how he quickly bonded with Lawrence, largely because they were the only two on set for the majority of the time.

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Whilst the two stars had developed something of a relationship during their time filming, nothing prepared them for such an intimate scene. According to People, Jennifer Lawrence was especially nervous about filming her first sex scene, which led to Pratt suggesting they had a glass of wine. Lawrence was more than happy to comply. Pratt went on to speak about how whilst he was mindful to tell the story of the scene well, his primary concern was that Jennifer was comfortable, which is where the wine came in.

It's a remedy that clearly worked according to many of those who have already seen the scene. Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt have been commended for the chemistry between their characters in Passengers. Early scenes of their relationship were shown at CinemaCon, where both Lawrence and Pratt spoke about their roles in the film. Passengers sees Jennifer Lawrence play the role of a glamorous New York writer, whilst Chris Pratt is a mechanic. The premise of the sci-fi film sees the pair embark on a 120-year-voyage through space to their new home, only to wake up years too early and halfway through their flight. The film then follows Lawrence and Pratt's characters coming to terms with the fact that they'll live the rest of their lives on a spaceship, all before they find that they're actually falling in love with each other.

Passengers brings together two incredibly well-known actors of the moment. Jennifer Lawrence is best known for her role in The Hunger Games films, whilst Chris Pratt started his acting career as a member of the Parks and Recreation cast before being cast into stardom from his roles in Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy.

For Jennifer Lawrence, a sex scene is breaking new ground in her acting career. However, since her appearances in The Hunger Games series, the actress has been transforming from teenage-focused films to a more mature audience. With that taken into consideration, it was only a matter of time before Lawrence would have to tackle a sex scene like this one. However, Chris Pratt's efforts will undeniably have made the situation an awful lot more comfortable, and perhaps next time they'll share a bottle of wine in less awkward circumstances.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]