How Did Chyna Die? WWE Star’s Death Being Investigated As Possible Drug Overdose — Watch Her Bizarre YouTube Video

Former WWE star Chyna (aka Joan Marie Laurer) is now having her death investigated as a possible drug overdose, according to sources.

Page Six reports that investigators are inclined to believe that Chyna’s death may possibly be the result of a drug overdose based on the findings at the death scene in her apartment and given her history with drug abuse.

Chyna’s death was confirmed early on Thursday via her official social media accounts amid speculation of a possible drug overdose.

Chyna’s apparent overdose may have been caused by prescribed pills found at the former wrestler/glamour model’s home. No illegal drugs were found, however.

A friend of Chyna’s checked in on her after receiving no response from the former wrestler, only to find her unresponsive in bed.

The Inquisitr reported that Chyna has struggled with drug abuse in the past, which could have led to a possible drug overdose.

She was reportedly on medication for anxiety and sleep deprivation, leading those close to her to believe that these demons got the best of her upon the discovery of her possible drug-related death.

Page Six uncovered a bizarre YouTube video featuring a feathered Chyna preparing a smoothie and giving her opinion on women’s health leading up to her possible drug overdose.

Essentially, Chyna had plans for a “meals on wheels” business before her death due to a possible drug overdose.

According to the International Business Times, Chyna’s death may be related to a possible drug overdose.

Reports claim that Chyna was found in her Californian home at 7:30 p.m. PST. IBT has a record of police officers on the scene stating that they were “investigating a possible overdose… due mainly to her history with drugs.”

Before her death, which now police are even saying may be due to a possible drug overdose, Chyna was a big star in the WWE, formerly known as WWF.

The late 90’s “Attitude Era” was known a golden age of sorts in wrestling, and Chyna was seen as a true pioneer for inter-gender competition during her heyday and still today.

She earned the nickname “Ninth Wonder of the World” with respects to Andre the Giant being the eighth. Chyna was a founding member of the D-Generation X stable alongside Shawn Michaels and her boyfriend Triple H before her death.


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Before her possible drug overdose, Chyna was the first female wrestler to hold the Intercontinental Championship twice and the first to participate in the Royal Rumble and King of the Ring events.

Chyna also won Women’s Champion in the WWE and defeated the likes of Triple H, Chris Jericho, and Kurt Angle.

Chyna’s wrestling career with the WWE ended in 2001. Chyna made many appearances on reality television and other promos afterwards.

Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew is when the public really got an introspective look on Chyna’s drug addiction, which may have possibly caused her death.

Chyna also made her debut in some pornographic films in later years including Another Night in Chyna (2009) and a more recent 2013 pornographic film titled, She Hulk XXX: A Porn Parody.

Chyna’s pornographic work garnered the AVN (Adult Video News) best-selling title of the year in 2006 and best celebrity sex tape in 2012 for herself.

So far, no official reports have emerged of the cause of Chyna’s death. For now, sources speculate that the cause of her death being linked to a possible drug overdose is highly likely.

Do you believe that Chyna died from a possible drug Overdose?

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