WWE Rumors: Seth Rollins’ Return Coming Much Sooner Than Anyone Expected

The injuries over the past year have totally decimated the WWE main roster, especially at the main event level. One of the biggest was that to Seth Rollins, who was injured back in November and expected to miss six to nine months. Some thought it would be closer to the nine months, but there have been signs that things are progressing quicker than that, and it looks like the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion could be back sooner than you think.

Back in early November, Rollins was injured in a house show match against Kane, and it wasn’t just a simple bump or tweak. He ended up tearing his MCL, ACL, and medial meniscus, which was almost as serious as knee injuries could possibly get.

It was expected that Seth Rollins would hold the WWE World Heavyweight Title going into WrestleMania 32 and take part in the main event. That had to change, as did a number of other ideas and plans due to injuries, but the former member of The Shield could be back soon.

Business 2 Community noticed a behind-the-scenes look at Rollins working out, and he really showed no true signs of the injury affecting him. Now, it’s going to be much different once he needs to step in the ring, but it’s a positive sign.

Fans are anxiously awaiting him to get healthy enough so that he can get back in the ring and go back to the hot streak he was on before the injury. Honestly, Rollins was tearing things up, and not only had he won the WWE World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania, but he also defeated John Cena, Sting, and many others in the months that followed.

Right before WrestleMania 32, Rollins arrived in Dallas and was seen walking around backstage with a good bit of a limp. WWE actually posted a video on their Vine account that showed him dressed in an all-black suit and still looking the part of the major heel.

Yes, he had the limp, but was moving around pretty well while walking around backstage. Fansided made it a point to focus on the fact that WWE and Rollins could be working the fans, and that he was making his limp look worse than it actually is.

Sure, he may not be ready to return this second, but it may not be that long until he’s back and going after the WWE Title again.

wwe rumors seth rollins return injury summerslam triple h

If Rollins can make it back by the beginning of the summer, then he could easily be put into a program for SummerSlam. Depending on if they bring Rollins back as a heel or face, he could take on Triple H and The Authority or go after Roman Reigns if the title is still around his waist by that point.

Cesaro just made his return from injury and is getting a big push, but there are a number of others still on the shelf.

John Cena is still not ready to return full-time. Randy Orton is a couple of months away from coming back. Bray Wyatt was just sent home from the European tour with a calf injury, of which its extent is not yet known. Big-time talent is hurting and the return of Seth Rollins could really turn the main event around

The return of Seth Rollins is something that WWE really needs and could use right now. It’s been difficult to keep fans interested in Roman Reigns, and Rollins would instantly jump right back into the main event scene. With injuries keeping so many other big names sidelined, his presence could jump-start excitement and boost ratings as well. His intense training may mean that he’s on his way to returning to the ring soon.

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