'The Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Liam Works To Reclaim His Life And Katie Has A Stunning Chat With Rick

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Thursday's episode indicate that there is plenty of action on the way. Liam now knows that Steffy married Wyatt while he was being held by Quinn, and he told her that he is not giving up on a life with her. Ridge thought that the threat to his secret with Caroline was eliminated, but he will soon learn that things are not quite that simple. What can everybody expect from the April 21 show?

Liam was stunned, hurt, and angry to learn that his own brother is the one who swooped in and married Steffy in the few short months that he was mysteriously away. Steffy is clearly struggling with what to do next in this situation, but Liam quickly became solid in his plan. He is determined to regain the life he had been missing, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that he will not waste any time.

According to We Love Soaps, Liam heads back to Forrester Creations during Thursday's show to begin working there again. In the midst of his relationship troubles before his disappearance, he had left Forrester and headed back to Spencer Publications. At this point, however, Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that he will go back to Forrester, and there is little doubt this is at least in part due to his desire to win back Steffy's affections.

What about Wyatt? He is clearly worried, but perhaps he is not worried enough. Bold and the Beautiful spoiler previews show him talking with Steffy, saying that Liam simply needs to accept that they are married now. It is not known quite yet when these two brothers will face off over this wedding news, but fans can imagine that it will be explosive whenever it does happen. Will Steffy stay with Wyatt, or will she end up back with Liam again?

Katie had a complete meltdown earlier in the week, blasting Bill and Brooke once again. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that she will talk with Brooke again during Thursday's show, and it seems that this will be a calmer chat. Brooke says she will be there for her sister, but most would imagine that Katie has quite a bit of work to do before she can be strong and sober again.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers also indicate that the situation regarding Ridge and Caroline's secret takes a juicy turn in this next show. Viewers know that Dr. Wolin had been threatening Ridge, and the doctor shared a bit of what he knew with Katie. He wanted money from Ridge, but he was killed in an accident before he could take his scheme any further.

However, Katie was intrigued to hear that Ridge supposedly could not father any more children, and it looks like she contemplates this tidbit further during Thursday's episode. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Rick and Katie will talk and somehow the topic of Wolin comes up.

Rick mentions that a friend of his saw the doctor talking with Ridge at the restaurant, and he knows that the doctor was killed shortly after the meeting. Katie will be stunned to learn that Wolin is dead, and this will surely spark some quick thinking on her part.

While Rick would obviously be thrilled to learn what she knows, Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease that Katie turns to Ridge on Friday's episode and brings up the conversation. According to Soap Central, he will get quite defensive when she mentions the doctor, and things could get quite interesting as this conversation plays out.

Can Liam fully regain the life he had before Quinn stole him away, including pulling Steffy away from Wyatt? What will Katie do with the information she has about Ridge and Caroline's situation? Viewers are buzzing about where things are headed on The Bold and the Beautiful, and there are plenty of dramatic moments on the way.

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