Lily-Rose Melody Depp Wants To Follow In Johnny Depp’s Footsteps, Says Acting Frees Her

Lily-Rose Melody Depp has already begun to explore the same career as her father, Johnny Depp, in the Kevin Smith films Tusk (2014) and Yoga Hosers (2016) and that small bit of exposure to the business side of Hollywood has left a marked impression on Lily-Rose. Ms. Depp recently gave an interview in which she detailed her interests in acting, revealing that it’s a calling that has attracted her, beyond just following in Johnny’s path. Depp says this is something she wants to do as a career.

Yoga Hosers Star Lily-Rose Melody Depp Has Had A Calling

While Lily-Rose certainly comes from Hollywood royalty, she’s already making a name for herself on her own with only minimal help from her superstar father Johnny Depp. Already in Lily-Rose’s young career, she has been awarded a Chanel campaign and models more regularly, which only serves to amplify her already impressive public exposure. Currently, Ms. Depp has a growing Instagram following that, at last count, leveled at 1.4 million followers, proving that the Tusk actress is already a powerful influence on the public.

Social media fame and modeling notwithstanding, Ms. Depp has revealed that her true passion is for acting, so there may not be much of a future in modeling for the daughter of Johnny Depp and French star Vanessa Paradis.

“For me, it’s simple: I like to act,” Lily-Rose Melody Depp says. “It frees me. I want to make it my craft.”

Lily-Rose says her exposure to the entertainment business came at an even younger age, long before her Tusk acting debut. As a child, Depp would tag along to her mother’s concerts and films, as well as watching Johnny act in his own films. She remembers being drawn to the costumes and the make up, though she reveals that, in those early days, she just wanted to model, or possibly sing.

Success Has Found Lily-Rose Melody Depp At A Young Age

Following up on the heels of Yoga Hosers, Lily-Rose is already committed to two more feature films, one of which is Planetarium, in which Depp will star opposite Natalie Portman. Ms. Depp has also replaced Elle Fanning in The Dancer, Stéphanie Di Giusto’s French drama. Her acting career is on a fast track at the moment, so while she does acknowledge that she needs more professional training, Ms. Depp says she’s putting off acting school for now.

In spite of Planetarium director Rebeca Zlotowski’s high praise, calling Lily-Rose an “icon in the making,” Johnny has publicly expressed concern for his daughter’s speedy climb to fame. The elder Depp says he’s only concerned that so much fame at such a young age will put too much stress on Lily-Rose. Still, Lily-Rose is receiving rave reviews from her directors. Adding to Zlotowski’s words of encouragement, The Dancer‘s Ms. Di Giusto has also spoken highly of Ms. Depp.

“This girl isn’t afraid of anything,” Stéphanie said of Depp. “She has a way of moving her body and an incredible ability of abandonment. Lily-Rose was made for the role of Isadora Duncan.”

For 16-year-old Lily-Rose, acting has been her passion, primarily since appearing in Tusk alongside father Johnny Depp and best friend, Harley Quinn Smith, and has previously said that she really enjoys working with Kevin Smith. Tusk allowed her to explore a character for the first time and Ms. Depp says she loved being able to get under her character’s skin. The Yoga Hosers actress says the experience was fun.

While Planetarium and The Dancer are in post-production, there is still no word on a specific release date, but both films are intended to be released sometime this year.

[Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Sundance Film Festival]