Ellen DeGeneres Says She Was Never Concerned About The Fate Of Dory

Ellen DeGeneres is coming second in the Power List of America’s most influential people in the LGBT community, according to Entertainment Weekly. The list is compiled by Out magazine every year.

In the 10th edition of the magazine, the list features high-profile TV stars, politicians, business people and many others, including Ellen DeGeneres, Apple CEO Tim Cook, and Caitlyn Jenner.

For the second year in a row, Cook claimed the first spot on the list, while Ellen DeGeneres is No. 2. The list featured for the first time Caitlyn Jenner, who came out as transgender last year. Other fresh faces include Transparent creator Jill Soloway, Saturday Night Live star Kate McKinnon, and the Wachowski sisters, Lana and Lilly.

Such familiar faces as Neil Patrick Harris, Ryan Murphy, Zachary Quinto, Rachel Maddow, and Anderson Cooper all have been featured in this year’s list.

Ellen DeGeneres topped the list in 2014.

Ellen DeGeneres made the world talk about Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke this week, according to SELF magazine. The 29-year-old actress boasted her skills at doing various accents during her guest appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Clarke sat down with Ellen DeGeneres to discuss her nude photoshoot for Esquire‘s Sexiest Women Alive issue. During the interview, the actress revealed she was drunk and Photoshopped for the photoshoot.

But things got especially exciting when Ellen DeGeneres asked Clarke to reveal her talent for doing accents. The host of the daytime talk show asked the actress to show off her skills as part of the segment called “Heads Up.”

Before actually showing her accent skills, Clarke revealed that she and her Game of Thrones co-stars sometimes play this game when they have some time to spare on set. In particular, Ellen DeGeneres challenged Clarke to do the Valley Girl at a nightclub impression and impersonate a French person having sex with an Italian food critic.

Sounds a bit crazy, but each and every accent impression was marvelous! However, the audience of the Ellen DeGeneres talk show didn’t seem impressed by Clarke’s Mexican police officer performance as well as her Jamaican stuck in traffic impression.

Watch the whole segment here.

Ellen DeGeneres has recently revealed she has never really worried about Dory from Finding Nemo, according to Entertainment Weekly. The talk show host, who voiced Dory in 2003’s Finding Nemo and is currently voicing Dory in the upcoming sequel, talked to Entertainment Weekly about Finding Dory.

It’s been 13 years since Finding Nemo‘s release, but Ellen DeGeneres has never been truly worried about the fate of Dory, the talk show host revealed herself. She said that she realized it was just a movie.

“I didn’t really worry about her. I thought about what would happen if we do a sequel, what the journey would be for her.”

Ellen DeGeneres added that she is also wondering whether the character is going to get her memory back. But other than that, she hasn’t really been thinking about her “that much,” DeGeneres admitted, adding that she “just kind of gave up” because it’s been over ten years since Finding Nemo.

But it may have been Ellen DeGeneres who made the Finding Nemo sequel happen. The host of The Ellen DeGeneres Show has been joking about the sequel for years, which may have prompted the creators of the animated film to actually start thinking seriously about making Finding Dory.

“At first, it was kind of serious, joking on the [Ellen] show about all the other sequels that Pixar was making and that they weren’t making a sequel to Finding Nemo. Then I just kept doing it because it was funny.”

Finding Dory opens in theaters June 17, 2016.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for The People’s Choice Awards]