Scott Laughton Injury Update: Philadelphia Flyers Player Taken To Hospital After Slamming His Head Into Boards

Scott Laughton was taken off on a stretcher after slamming his head into the boards during the second period of Game 4 between the Philadelphia Flyers and Washington Capitals, and now the Flyers forward has been taken to a nearby hospital as a precaution.

The Flyers player slammed into the boards after taking a hit from Washington Capitals defenseman John Carlson while advancing the puck into the opposing zone.

Laughton lost his balance after taking the hit from Carlson, sending him crashing into the boards where the back of his head took the brunt of the impact. He lay motionless on the ice for several minutes being tended to by medical staff until they were finally able to take him off the ice on a stretcher. Laughton appeared to be conscious and had movement in his limbs as he was taken off the ice.


Reports indicated that Scott Laughton was taken to Jefferson Hospital for precautionary reasons.

Video of the Scott Laughton injury can be seen below, but be warned that it may be disturbing for some viewers.


There was no penalty called on the play.

The game is a must-win for Philadelphia, which is in a 3-0 hole against the Capitals and facing elimination. The series has been a contentious one, Philly noted, with Flyers center Pierre-Edouard Bellemare given a one-game suspension for a hit on Dmitry Orlov in Monday’s 6-1 win for the Capitals.

Bellemare checked Orlov from behind on the play.

Capitals coach Barry Trotz said he didn’t believe there was any intent to injure on the play.

“I can tell you this about the Philadelphia player from coaching against him this year: He doesn’t seem like a player who is looking for those vicious hits and contact,” Trotz said via Philly. “I think he is a pretty honest player; whatever the league decides, we are OK with.”

Tempers flared at the end of Game 3’s blowout, with the Flyers increasing the physical play leading up to a line brawl with three players sent off to the showers.

The Capitals responded to the Flyers’ physical play by scoring goal after goal.

“If someone takes a stupid penalty, you want to make him pay for it,” said Capitals forward T.J. Oshie via the Washington Post. “Obviously we’re not going to go out of our way and try to hurt someone or try to break someone’s leg or whatever. We’re going to go out there and score a goal and see how they like it.”

The ending left fans upset, with many throwing debris onto the ice and leading referees to call a minor penalty on the Flyers. The team later released a statement saying that fans had acted in an “unacceptable manner.”

The team added that fans have a right to “voice their displeasure vocally or by not watching or attending the games, but when displeasure is expressed in a way that embarrasses or endangers others, it cannot be condoned or tolerated. As an organization and on behalf of the overwhelming majority of Flyers’ fans who express their passion in a positive manner, we wish to express our sincere regret.”

More updates on Scott Laughton’s injury will be added as they are available.

[Image via NBC Sports screenshot]