Olivia Wilde And Jason Sudeikis Proudly Expect A Second Child

Edward VKanty

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are expecting another child, citing their joy over parenting 2-year-old Otis Sudeikis as the reason for creating another new life so soon. Both actors seem eager to give little Otis a new sibling, as they each speak frankly about parenting and expecting a second bundle of joy.

Olivia Wilde And Jason Sudeikis Are Expecting Again And They Couldn't Be Happier


Ms. Wilde was only too eager to share the happy news with her Instagram followers, as she posted a picture showing both Otis and herself cradling their stomachs and captioning the image "matching baby bumps" to show off her growing belly.

Sudeikis seems just as happy and eager as Olivia in becoming a parent for the second time, saying that he was "all for it," when asked about becoming a father again. Jason seems uniquely fitted to parenthood, proving he's only too eager to talk about the pleasures of being a father.

"My own kid [makes me want more], because I made it with Olivia and that seems like a good cocktail."

Even so, Olivia and Jason still haven't set a wedding date, and if Sudeikis is to be believed, it's unlikely that he and Ms. Wilde will be getting married in the near future. Jason said that he and Olivia won't consider getting married until certain political agendas are settled; specifically, Jason refers to the legalization of marijuana.

"We are good in many many ways," the Horrible Bosses 2 actor told a caller while on Watch What Happens Live. "I believe that we won't get married until weed is legal in every state."

Meanwhile, Olivia Wilde gushes over her first born son at any opportunity, revealing that Otis has already shown an interest and talent for making music. While Olivia didn't detail the musical experimentation Otis has pursued, she did say that she couldn't be prouder of him.

Vinyl Star Olivia Wilde Goes Fully Nude...Except For Her Pubic Wig


Olivia Wilde has been baring herself for Vinyl, but she recently disclosed that she's not quite completely nude in those Vinyl scenes, though it will look as though she is to untrained eyes. In fact, the Vinyl actress revealed that she wears a merkin, also known as a pubic wig. Wilde says she likes wearing the fake pubic hair, because it helps her feel as though she's not quite completely nude. There is a downside for Olivia, however. She says she's so self conscious about it that she makes sure everyone on set knows its fake.

"I was so vocal about it being fake because I was horrified that background actors might think this is my real body hair," Wilde said. "So I walked around like, 'Whoa, check this fake merkin out, everyone! It's not real.'"

The merkin isn't just used to help Wilde's modesty. Vinyl is set in the '70s and the production team is very dedicated to recreating the era in every way, from authentic disco balls to faded bell bottom jeans. That includes the untrimmed pubic hair of the era as well.

Olivia says she isn't the only Vinyl actress to don the merkin. She adds that every woman on Vinyl wears a version of the pubic wig and that each one is designed to resemble the authentic look of the '70s.

"We have the merkin wall for all of the women on the show. They each have names and you design your own. It's like build-a-bush," Ms. Wilde told Seth Meyers.

Vinyl just aired its first season finale on HBO. The series, co-created by Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger, will return with its second season in 2017.

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