Live Stream Detroit Pistons Vs. Cleveland Cavaliers Game 2: NBA Eastern Conference Playoffs Round One

The Cleveland Cavaliers will look to go up 2-0 on the Detroit Pistons as their NBA Playoff Game Two will stream live on Wednesday, after Detroit gave heavily favored and top-seeded Cleveland a run for their money in the first game of their first-round Eastern Conference series on Sunday, before succumbing to a late run by the Cavs who went on to win 106-101.

Detroit led by five points at the half and two points after three quarters, using a three-point shooting attack that resulted in 15 going in from downtown out of 29 attempts. But in the end, the Cleveland Big Three — Lebron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love — combined for 81 points, led by Irving’s 31, and proved too much for the Pistons to handle.

“We just could never get any of their three main guys under control,” Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy said, blaming himself for the defeat in Detroit’s first playoff game since 2009. “I just wish I had done some things differently and maybe we come out ahead.”

Pistons rookie forward Stanley Johnson, however, diagnosed the Pistons’ problem differently, saying that in Game Two, the team needed to make a stronger effort to grab offensive rebounds, and pour in second chance points.

“We gotta get five guys to the boards,” Johnson told the Detroit Free Press on Wednesday. “All the good teams in the NBA send two or three guys back so, for a team to be getting the offensive rebounds like that with only two guys on the boards and we have five, that’s our problem.”

Stanley Johnson Live Stream Detroit Pistons Vs. Cleveland Cavaliers Game 2
Stanley Johnsonof the Detroit Pistons

Watch highlights of the NBA Playoffs Game One in the Detroit Pistons vs. Cleveland Cavaliers series in the video below.

To find out how to watch a live stream of the Detroit Pistons vs. Cleveland Cavaliers Eastern Conference Round One, Game Two, see the streaming information at the bottom of this article. Tipoff is scheduled for 8 p.m. Eastern Time at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio — 5 p.m. Pacific — on Wednesday, April 20.

In Game One, Detroit stayed away, for the most part, from their deadly pick-and-roll combination of Andre Drummond and Reggie Jackson, choosing to take their game to the outside as the Cavaliers focused their defensive efforts on shutting down the duo.

Cleveland’s defensive scheme will likely be the same in Game Two, but how Detroit will respond is an open question. But on their own defensive end, Detroit will need to do better against James, Love, and Irving.

“I had the same mindset throughout the whole, entire game, just continue to shoot open shots and come off pick and rolls and keep looking for my guys,” Irving said on Tuesday. “There were a few times, a few moments that I could just bait their defense coming off of those pick and rolls.”

Live Stream Detroit Pistons Vs. Cleveland Cavaliers Game 2
Kevin Love (l) and LeBron James (r) of the Cleveland Cavaliers

For the Cavaliers, they are now 15 wins away from the long-awaited NBA Championship that Lebron James promised when he returned to his hometown team prior to last season. But Detroit hopes to slow their momentum by beating them in Cleveland to take the series back to Detroit with a fresh start, at 1-1.

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To watch a live stream of the Detroit Pistons Vs. Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Eastern Conference Playoffs Round One, Game Two, fans will have two options on Wednesday. Using log-in credentials from a cable or satellite provider, viewers can log in to Watch TNT at this link — or download the Watch TNT app to view the game on mobile devices.

For fans without log-in credentials, or those who simply prefer to watch the NBA Playoff game on a TV set rather than on a computer or mobile device, Sling TV carries TNT, which will broadcast the game. The Sling TV package subscription costs $20 per month, but also offers a seven-day free trial. To watch the NBA Playoffs Detroit Pistons Vs. Cleveland Cavaliers Game Two on Sling TV, go to this link to sign up.

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