April 20, 2016
'Girl On The Train' Official Trailer Combines 'Gone Girl' With 'Fifty Shades' And Booze Addled Emily Blunt

Gone Girl fans can officially start freaking out as the first official trailer for Girl on the Train has officially hit the web this week. Both the Gone Girl and Girl on the Train books were written by the same author in Paula Hawkins, and the new trailer definitely shows the stylistic similarities between the two stories. Of course, while there are plenty of comparisons available to Gone Girl, there are other stories that come to mind considering the amount of sex contained in the two-minute preview.

Some on the Interwebs have drawn comparisons to a kind of bondage feel to the trailer that evokes memories of Fifty Shades of Grey. The raw attraction demonstrated between some of the characters certainly seems to be drawing from that particular book at different times. Still, as Vanity Fair points out, The Girl on the Train has a lot in common with Gone Girl and not just because of the mention of a girl in the title.

As is the case in Gone Girl, this Paula Hawkins tome involves the disappearance of a young woman though this time it's not a wife so much as the nanny who stole a man right out from under the wife. That wife is played by Emily Blunt, who could be playing a character different from any others she has played. This time around, the trailer shows a character that appears to be dealing with her divorce from the man who had an affair with that nanny rather poorly.

Clips of the trailer show Blunt's character is apparently a bit of a drinker, having actually seen the girl the police are looking for on the train, but not being able to really follow the thread in order to help the police find her. It's at least alluded that the character is a black out drunk thanks in large part to her divorce. It also appearsEmily Blunt's character is the main suspect when it comes to figuring out who might want to hurt the nanny. In this regard, the new movie looks an awful lot like Gone Girl too.

One has to wonder whether Paula Hawkins is going to go back to the well of having the prime suspect be convicted in the court of public opinion like Ben Affleck's character did in Gone Girl, or whether there will be yet another twist. Of course in order to wonder that, you have to have not yet read The Girl on the Train, which has been out and in bookstores for quite some time. One thing those of us who haven't read the book have been assured is that there will indeed be some kind of twist. Whether or not this twist is going to rise to the level of Gone Girl is anyone's guess.
While there was a time Emily Blunt would have been starring alongside names like Chris Evans and Jared Leto, Justin Theroux is now in place as Rachel's ex-husband. Luke Evans plays the part of the nanny's new love interest and Hailey Bennett plays the girl who went missing. The big question about this film is whether or not it's going to have the same commercial and critical success Gone Girl was able to muster up. Judging by the trailer, it certainly has a chance to give the earlier book a heck of a run. If possible, the video shows what might be a darker tale than we saw with Gone Girl and that would certainly be an accomplishment considering that film included a woman who was willing to frame her husband for murder and frame her ex-boyfriend for rape. The Girl on the Train opens in theaters on October 7.

[Image via DreamWorks/Universal Studios]