Kathryn Edwards Comes To Lisa Rinna’s Defense: ‘It Was Shocking’

Kathryn Edwards has only been on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for one season, but it sounds like it was quite the dramatic experience for her. Halfway through the season, Kathryn ended up deleting her social media profiles because of the haters and viewers’ comments about her behavior on the show. It simply because too much for her. However, she’s back on social media and it sounds like she’s ready to support her co-star, Lisa Rinna, in her fight against Lisa Vanderpump.

According to a new Bravo report, Kathryn Edwards is now revealing that she’s never heard the accusations that Rinna is making up a storyline to make Vanderpump look bad. In fact, it sounds like Edwards strongly believes that Rinna is telling the truth and just needs to prove that Vanderpump is lying about everything that has happened this year.

“The accusation that Lisa R. made about the ‘storyline’ was something I was hearing for the first time. It was shocking, and I couldn’t begin to make heads nor tails of it. Yolanda is clearly sick and this subject can’t be fodder for a story. I really don’t want to believe this,” Kathryn Edwards explains in her blog for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion.

Of course, the ladies can agree that Yolanda Hadid is indeed sick, but they were confused as to what was wrong with her. Rinna was confused about what was truly wrong, and Vanderpump did bring up the thought that maybe it was depression with menopause. The women were confused about her Instagram posts, as she was happy one day and in the hospital the next. Edwards has stayed out of the argument, but she’s sitting back and taking it all in. And it sounds like Kathryn thinks that Rinna does have a point.

“I don’t blame Yolanda for being upset. How could she not feel hurt? To make light of something that she just stated is the biggest contributing factor in her divorce… as a storyline? Not good.”

“The Munchausen comment, no matter who said it, should have never been repeated,” Kathryn revealed, adding, “Bottom line is this: Lisa R. shouldn’t have spoke of it to anyone. I don’t care if the Pope asked her to repeat it, she shouldn’t have… I know she regrets it, she has said so several times.”

It’s very interesting that Kathryn Edwards is talking about how Rinna should have kept quiet about the Munchausen’s accusations, especially since she betrayed Erika Girardi’s trust this season. Erika had told Kathryn about Lisa’s web of manipulation and Kathryn Edwards decided to speak about it to Vanderpump herself. Erika thought that she could trust Edwards, but she revealed that anything that comes her way can be said out loud, unless she is told not to. Clearly, there was a breach of trust, so it’s interesting that Edwards is saying that it should have been kept private. And maybe this entire thing has resulted in her being labeled a bully. This is something that has come up several times, but now she wants to set the record straight about this bully label.

“With regard to me being a bully… LOL! I’m no bully, I am the anti-bully, and my husband knows this more than anyone. I’m the person who will stand up for someone who can’t or won’t defend themselves, because I really dislike unfairness,” Kathryn Edwards reveals in her blog for the show, sharing that her husband stands behind her.

What do you think of Kathryn Edwards’ comments about Lisa Rinna? Are you surprised that she’s standing up for Rinna?

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