Eileen Davidson Brings Up An Interesting Point About Lisa Vanderpump

Eileen Davidson opens up her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills blog this week by talking about Yolanda Hadid, who rushed off the stage during the reunion special, which aired last night. Eileen clearly felt bad for Hadid, who got emotional listening to her co-stars argue over who brought up Munchausen’s. Davidson already doesn’t trust Lisa Vanderpump, but she felt bad that Yolanda was so hurt by the accusations and stories that were being shared on the set. But rather than dwell on these stories, Davidson brings up an interesting point about Vanderpump.

According to a new Bravo report, Eileen Davidson is now revealing that every single person who has ever stood up to Lisa Vanderpump has left the show. Just last season, Brandi Glanville left the show abruptly, even though she could have continued to film the show.

“Where have all the other women who had issues with Lisa V. gone? Oh yeah, they aren’t on the show anymore! The exception being Kyle, who tows the line of being honest without alienating Lisa V. so much it must be exhausting. And Yolanda, of course, and her relationship with Lisa V. is less than amicable. There’s always been a tense, weird energy between the two of them, and now I understand why,” Eileen Davidson points out in her blog, hinting that she understands why none of the ladies want to work things out with Davidson.

Davidson has been criticized for speaking up about Vanderpump on several occasions, and she stands by Lisa Rinna, who has done the same thing. Both ladies clearly have a problem with their co-star and Eileen wants people to know that she doesn’t get anything out of bashing her co-star — she simply wants the truth to come out. It’s not like she’s getting a bigger paycheck from Bravo for talking about these rumors.

“There’s something else I must address. Neither Lisa R. nor I have anything to gain by calling out Lisa V. It’s not like we get a bonus check from Bravo or a new BMW with a bow around it. No one throws us a pizza party. Nobody hands us a bunch of balloons. In fact, it makes our lives harder. Our honesty has made us targets for the hate and vitriol unleashed by Lisa V., her husband and her die-hard followers. So, I ask you all, with nothing to gain, and possibly our future on the show to lose, why would we do it?” Eileen Davidson points out.

It is definitely an interesting point to bring up, especially since Eileen has nothing to personally gain from the comments. In fact, she was recently told by her husband that she couldn’t be on Twitter anymore, because she kept getting these mean and harsh comments from Vanderpump’s fans and followers, who were quick to come to her defense. Kathryn Edwards, despite not being involved in this particular argument, previously deleted all of her social media profiles because it was too stressful for her to deal with the haters.

And Davidson’s point about previous cast members is also interesting. Many of the other ladies who have had issues with Vanderpump have left the show, including Brandi Glanville, and even Cedric from the first few seasons. He was rumored to be deported, something that Glanville often talked about. Adrienne Maloof also left the show after Vanderpump slammed her for coming into her home after filing for divorce, and stealing the attention from her anniversary party.

What do you think of Eileen Davidson’s comments about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion? Do you think she has a point?

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