Yolanda Hadid On ‘RHOBH’: ‘The Past Cannot Be Changed, Forgotten, Edited, Or Erased’

Yolanda Hadid managed to sit through the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion up until the end of the first episode, where she stormed off the set. Hadid was very disappointed with the comments that were surfacing, as Lisa Vanderpump denied calling Lisa Rinna about the Munchausen’s. But Rinna came prepared, presenting her phone bills, showing that Lisa had indeed called her 10 times despite denying it. And while Rinna and Vanderpump were arguing back and forth, Yolanda broke down in tears and ended up leaving the stage.

According to a new Instagram post, Yolanda Hadid is now revealing that the past is hurtful, but it cannot be forgotten. Hadid posted an Instagram photo last night, showing the ladies at the reunion special. And it sounds like she wants them to know that she isn’t going to forget or erase all of the things that were said in the past.

“The past can not be Changed, Forgotten, Edited or Erased; It can only be Accepted……… #RHOBH #Reunion tonight,” Yolanda Hadid revealed on Instagram, sharing a picture of the ladies at the reunion.

While some of the ladies stood together, Vanderpump did seem to stand a bit on her own.

Of course, Yolanda has spent many hours on the show talking about her Lyme disease. She’s only filming The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to spread awareness about Lyme disease, and it is clear that she’s still struggling a bit with the illness. Hadid has revealed that things are looking up and she’s doing better than last year, but it’s still a daily struggle. Based on the responses to her Instagram post, it sounds like she has plenty of support from her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans.

“As a person who also has a rare invisible illness THANK YOU! So glad you have the strength to try to help the world understand us #spoonies. Just because we look good on the outside doesn’t mean we aren’t having our toughest day on the inside. I think it’s awesome that you post your good and bad days. No one will ever get that some days we are bed ridden hooked up to machines & IVs and the next we feel good enough to get out. Those posts give chronically ill people hope for the good days. Shame on anyone who thinks you shouldn’t share the joy of your good days and the lows of your bad days. Keep fighting! You have a whole #spoonies community cheering you on,” one person added.

And it sounds like many fans were shocked when Vanderpump and Rinna were fighting about who said what and who called who, especially since the discussion was about Yolanda and whether or not she was faking her illness. Hadid just wanted some friends who could support her in her Lyme disease journey and could offer up support, a shoulder to cry on, and defend her when people would make outrageous Munchausen’s accusations.

“My heart went out to you last night. I don’t know how you’ll go forward with these women, but you’re in my prayers and I pray you have actual true friends in your life because this bunch ain’t it! (Except Erika) Be well!!” one of Yolanda’s followers wrote, clearly speaking for the majority of viewers who were shocked by the accusations and fights taking place.

The first reunion special ended with Hadid walking off the stage in tears, as she could clearly not handle the ladies talking about her illness. It was too much for her to deal with, and she walked off the stage. Hadid will be back for the second part of the reunion special.

What do you think of Yolanda Hadid walking off the stage during last night’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion?

[Image via Instagram]