Charlie Sheen Hiding Money From Ex? Jon Cryer Says Sheen ‘Dealing With A Demon’

Charlie Sheen’s child support battles are ongoing, and the hits just keep on coming for the former Two and a Half Men star. Sheen’s ex Brooke Mueller claims that the actor has intentionally kept his big bucks from her even while he remains behind on child support owed.

A new court filing said that Sheen has been living comfortably with a continuous income of $613,421 per month. This hefty paycheck comes due to his profit from participating in the hit show that aired on CBS for a lengthy duration. It’s been reported, based on the filing, which was obtained by the New York Daily News, that Sheen decided to instead cash in the entire amount owed for a generous lump sum of $26.75 million last fall.

Mueller claims that Sheen took these actions as a means to make it appear as though his monthly income had severely decreased “in an attempt to circumvent the child support orders.” Charlie has been expected to pay an amount of $55,000 per month in child support payments to both of his exes, Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards. Recently, the star has attempted to get a court-ordered change to this amount after stating that his monthly income has dropped, which keeps him from being able to make the full payments of the expected amount.

The New York Daily News shares that Mueller has experienced some support in her efforts to receive the payment she is owed from Sheen.

“Mueller successfully convinced the court to freeze some of Sheen’s assets earlier this month, claiming he was $88,000 in arrears on his child support payments for March and April.”

The star responded, however, with his own filing of court documents on Monday, stating that he wants the levy to be lifted until his side is heard by the court in regards to his own request to change the $55,000-per-month payment to a lesser amount.

Mueller’s allegations aside, in regards to Sheen hiding money from her, a lawyer for Sheen spoke of the star’s current monthly income, which falls below $100,000. Therefore, he is incapable of paying both exes the ordered $55,000 amount.

Not taking into account the additional $55,000 Sheen owes Denise Richards, the star’s lawyer spoke specifically to the case between Sheen and Mueller.

“It is grossly unjust to require petitioner to continue to pay child support at the current level, which is nearly 63% of his gross income.”

However, if the star is indeed hiding the $20 million payout he possibly received from his time on the hit sitcom, the lawyer’s statement is merely justifying the unlawful acts of someone trying to avoid his responsibilities.

It’s clear that Charlie Sheen has not always made the best decisions and has burned many bridges during his acting career. Although Sheen caused trouble for the show Two and A Half Men, his co-star Jon Cryer recently shared that the two are actually on good terms and never had a falling out.

Cryer spoke with the Hollywood Reporter on the subject, sharing that he wishes the star the best.

“There hasn’t been a huge amount of a change in Charlie and my relationship [this past year]. When I was writing [my] book, I asked him if I could use some of his texts to me, and he was fine with it. He only asked that I fix the spelling — I swear.”

Cryer, who wrote a memoir about his experiences as a cast member of Two and A Half Men, titled So That Happened, attempted to share about Charlie as he knows him and explains that Sheen is merely himself and he can’t be changed.

“He and I have never been on bad terms. I feel like he’s dealing with a demon that just will not let him go. I think a lot of his friends and family feel this way; when you understand what he going through, it’s just who he is. I can’t change it. I don’t really have him in my life anymore, because there’s only so much of that, that you can have in your life after a while. But that doesn’t stop me hoping for the best for him.”

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