Johnny Manziel Dumped By Nike And Manager, Pro Athletes Call For Him To Get Help

The chorus calling for Johnny Manziel to get help is getting louder every day, but Manziel seems unaffected, even after being dumped by Nike and his manager. His new representation now wants him to be referred to as Jonathan, but experts are saying that Manziel will need to change more than his first name if he wants to play in the NFL. The suggestion is that Manziel is done at 23.

The Inquisitr recently reported that Johnny Manziel was let go by the Cleveland Browns, because his antics had grown tiresome. Manziel has had trouble with the law, and was indicted by a grand jury for the domestic assault on his former girlfriend. Manziel keeps questionable company, and even at 23, does not seem to make his job as an NFL quarterback a priority. Now, Manziel is without a team once again.


The Daily Mail says that Johnny Manziel has promised to make some changes in his life, but so far, the only change is that his new representative is now referring to him as Jonathan instead of Johnny, but no mention of getting rehab. Just this week, sports agent Drew Rosenhaus and Nike have both kicked Manziel to the curb, as once again, he is considered too much trouble.

Denise Michels, Manziel’s new representative explains that Manziel is misunderstood, and Johnny, or Jonathan, rather, is taking this latest career detour very seriously.

“So many people only have one image of Jonathan, but believe it or not, he takes all this very seriously. He’s hoping that he can clear up his personal issues, start interviewing agents and see what he needs to do if he wants to play this year.”

If he wants to play this year? It seems like it is no longer up to Manziel if he wants to play this year, but rather the decision of the NFL. In parting, Rosenhaus said he has decided to cut all ties with Manziel, as he doesn’t want to be part of a young man ruining his life.


Former Baltimore Raven and now NFL commentator Shannon Sharpe tells TMZ that Johnny Manziel’s most recent attempt at image rehab is a crock, and shouldn’t even be acknowledged. This week, Manziel has allegedly admitted he has issues, and wants to address them, and then quickly went with a group of party boys to Coachella, but Shannon Sharpe isn’t buying the sudden about-face from Manziel.

“How long are you gonna buy his story? He’s shown no remorse, he’s shown no willingness to change his behavior… but you believe it and that’s the problem.”

So Manziel has the problem, but the media and fans are enablers?


Newsweek is referring to Johnny Manziel as a train wreck, who will be “in front of a judge near you soon.” Whereas Johnny Manziel was once considered a promising NFL prospect, he is now known better for court appearances than appearances on the field. Just this week, Manziel and friends have been accused of trashing a West Hollywood rental. A real estate broker says that evidence of booze and drugs were everywhere.

“There was cocaine all over the kitchen table, and mushrooms were still out on the table in front of him [Manziel].”


Johnny Manziel is once again a free agent, also known as a quarterback without a team, and his continued bad behavior is not making it any more likely that he will be back on the field this fall. The NFL seems to want him to bow his head, and at least say he is sorry before they welcome him back into the fold, but perhaps Manziel is just showing everyone who he really is.

Newsweek is saying that Manziel, the former Heisman award winner, is now just a “first-ballot Bro Football Hall of Famer.”


Sports journalist for CBS and NFL Network Rich Eisen has spoken out on his radio show, directly to Manziel, explaining if he truly wants to play professional football, he needs to get help for what is clearly an illness. He also addressed all of the sycophants and hangers-on that if they are actually really friends of Manziel, they will drive him to rehab rather than to Coachella, or into a lamp post, which also happened in the past few weeks to Manziel.

For now, those in the know are suggesting that without serious rehabilitation Johnny Manziel doesn’t have a future with the NFL, and is putting his health and welfare at risk by breaking the law and partying.

Do you think that Johnny Manziel, or Jonathan Manziel, wants to get his act together, or is it just another line to distract NFL owners?

[Photo by Henny Ray Abrams/AP Images]