Is Harry Styles Using Kendall Jenner For Publicity, Or The Other Way Around?

Since Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner started dating in 2013, their relationship has been the source of much fascination. The 22-year-old One Direction star and the stunning supermodel broke up in 2013, then dropped jaws around the world when they reunited on a yacht early in 2016, as reported by the Daily Mail.


Some outlets, including Hollywood Life, claimed that Harry Styles “chased Kendall Jenner” to St. Barts to be with her!

The tabloid reported that “Harry Styles is so into Kendall Jenner, that he had to make sure that she was the one he’d kiss at midnight on New Year’s Eve. When he heard that she was taking a trip to St. Barts, he acted quickly and devised a plan to tag along.”

An insider claimed that Harry actually butted in on Kendall’s trip — she was originally planning to meet up with BFF Cara Delevingne in the Caribbean.

“It was Harry that wanted to go on this trip…Kendall already had plans to meet up with Cara [Delevingne] in St. Barts; it was Harry that joined in after they made their plans. He’s the one following Kendall — not the other way around.”

Did Harry enjoy Kendall’s luscious body on the yacht and lose interest after that? Next thing we knew, Harry had cheated on Kendall with a stylist in London. The supermodel was said to feel “like a fool” for being “sucked in by Harry again.”

In the last week, however, we have been hearing that Harry “adores Kendall.” Hollywood Life claims that now that the supermodel is playing hard to get, Harry Styles is back on the chase.

It seems that it is the thrill of conquest that Harry loves — when Kendall is coy, he pursues her enthusiastically, then when he gets what he wants, he cools off for a while.

“Now that Kendall is playing hard to get, Harry is back on the chase, trying to romance her again. He’s asked her out a couple of times and she said yes once, but she’s playing coy with him.”


Intriguingly, the flight attendant Harry dated said something similar about him.

The Sun reports that Harry became more interested after Megan played hard to get. The flight attendant spoke to the Sun, saying that she believes Styles was attracted to her because she was “the one girl [he’s met] who didn’t just say yes.”

“I fought with him and he really had to convince me otherwise and I don’t think he’s come across a girl who has been so hesitant to date him…Maybe that is why he liked me so much, as I was the one girl who didn’t just say yes.”

Metro reported that Harry eventually broke up with Megan Smith because he was terrified their relationship was about to be outed.

This does not seem consistent with the new report that Harry is eager to publicize his relationships — unless, of course, he only wants to publicize his romances with A-listers like Kendall Jenner!

Megan Smith actually hinted that deep and complex Harry may have a bit of a split personality.

“Who is the real Harry? Maybe he doesn’t even know. Maybe I am the girlfriend for the quiet Cheshire boy and Kendall is the one for his rock star self — she fits that mould.”

The Sun previously reported that Harry “likes to paint himself as a reluctant lothario,” hinting that Harry is canny enough to use his womanizer reputation to get publicity, whether or not there is truth to it.

“Ladies’ man Harry, who likes to make out he’s a reluctant lothario, insists to friends he did nothing wrong because he and Kendall were not official.”

All this follows a flood of speculation that the Hendall revival was designed to get publicity not for Harry, but for Kendall!

Indeed, as soon as Harry and Kendall were spotted on the Azoff New Years yacht with Kris Jenner and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres in tow, people started murmuring “publicity stunt.” Fingers were pointed at Kendall’s mom, Kris, because she is thought to be so aggressive and opportunistic in promoting her famous family and their television show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Some even believe that Kris is the mastermind behind the sex tape that shot her daughter Kim to fame.

Soon after Harry and Kendall were seen making out on the yacht, rumors started circulating that publicity-minded momager Kris was pushing for Harry and Kendall to appear on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Hollywood Life reported that Harry was reluctant, but he would do it to keep Kendall happy. Aww!

“If going on the show a couple of times will make Kris happy and more importantly Kendall, he’ll do it, no problem.”

New reports claim that it is Harry who is using Kendall, begging her to go public with their relationship because she is more famous and it will help his career in America.

Where will it all end? Do you think Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner are together?

[Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP Images]