Prince George Gets On Royal Stamp For Queen’s Birthday, But Duchess Kate Is Nowhere To Be Seen!

Prince George is making his second official appearance of the year, and it’s on a royal stamp this time! Two-year-old George sat for the portrait, which was taken last summer, alongside his great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, but the Duchess of Cambridge is nowhere to be seen!

Only men with the Queen then, for this Royal portrait taken to celebrate her actual 90th birthday which takes place on April 21. Kensington Palace has released a behind-the-scenes image that reveals the trick to getting Prince George’s head to be at a similar height as his adult family members!

Prince George is seen alongside his great-grandmother the Queen and her other direct heirs, Prince Charles and George’s father, Prince William. The shooting was done in secrecy over the summer with photographer Ranald Mackechnie. Prince George was made to stand on a pile of foam blocks and hold his father’s hand steady, but looking at the huge grin on his face it seems like he was having a lot of fun.

Prince George gets on a royal stamp for the first time for his great-grandmother's birthday.
The Royals’ faces will be cut out into stamps sold to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday.
[Photo by Ranald Mackechnie/Royal Mail/Getty Images]
Four stamps have been produced from this image, and Mackechnie explained how the Royals’ heads had to be “in exactly the right place,” as the Telegraph reports.

“Because the picture was going to be turned into stamps on a sheet, each person’s head had to be in exactly the right place,”Mackechnie explained.

Prince George started trending on Twitter this morning after one of the 80 to 100 shots taken of the family portrait was shared online. The little prince, who is the picture of cuteness on all his official portraits, was mainly described as “adorable.”

The Queen is beginning birthday celebrations this Wednesday and visited the Royal Mail Windsor delivery office to mark the 500th Anniversary of the Postal Service. She was greeted by Mrs Moya Greene, the CEO of the Royal Mail, and got to see first hand the result of the summer photoshoot and how it will be turned into stamps.

Prince George must be happy to have his parents back after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge returned from their India and Bhutan trip earlier this week. As The Inquisitr reported, George was deemed “too naughty” to accompany his parents on their diplomatic visit.

Prince George’s father, Prince William, recently gave an interview to the BBC and paid tribute to the Queen on the eve of her 90th birthday, and said he would soon take on more responsibilities. Prince George is third in line to the throne behind his grandfather, Prince Charles, and his father, Prince William.

Although Prince George is at the heart of the royal baby effect that took Britain by storm at his birth, and although his young and trendy parents are the favorite royals, it is thought he may never become king. Indeed, customs are changing quickly and so is public opinion. So what do you think, will Prince George remain as popular as he is today, and will he ever become king?

[Photo by Ranald Mackechnie/Royal Mail/Getty Images]

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