Johnny Manziel Coachella Pictures: Drew Rosenhaus Fires Johnny Football After Pictures Show Him ‘Wasted’ At Music Festival

Pictures of Johnny Manziel partying at Coachella show a thinning and clearly out-of-shape quarterback, one who may have just squandered his last chance at the NFL.

The pictures, which circulated over the weekend, show Manziel partying in a ball pit and dancing to the music at the California festival. He looks considerably lighter than when the NFL season ended and has clearly lost muscle mass, with several weeks of partying apparently taking a toll.


The incriminating photos may have also cost Johnny Manziel his last chance at winning an NFL job. On Tuesday, Manziel’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, followed through on a threat to fire him if Manziel didn’t seek help for his reported alcohol and drug abuse.


Manziel, who had been quiet over the past week as Rosenhaus issued the ultimatum, responded on Tuesday and said he was taking the issues seriously.

“I’m hoping to take care of the issues in front of me right now, so I can focus on what I have to do if I want to play in 2016,” Manziel said in a statement provided to ESPN. “I also continue to be thankful to those who really know me and support me.”

Manziel’s spokesperson, Denise Michels, also told ESPN that the former Cleveland Browns quarterback is hoping he can clear up his personal issues and will start interviewing new agents. But Michels also added a bit of uncertainty about Manziel’s future, noting that he will see what needs to happen “if” he wants to play next year. Manziel has given no indication that he intends to take a year off, but the wording could suggest that.

The pictures from Coachella and reports from witnesses certainly don’t seem to show someone prepared to be an NFL quarterback. As the New York Post reported, Manziel was seen partying with reality television star Scott Disick and was under the influence throughout his time.

“He arrived wasted, partied wasted and stayed wasted,” the source said.

“Scott Disick was hanging with Manziel and Kendall and Kylie Jenner. It appeared as if [Manziel] crashed their table. He poured himself drinks from their bottles,” the source added. “He was stumbling as [singer] Post Malone hit the stage. . . He was dancing and sweaty.”

The source said that Manziel was chain-smoking with friends, who left at 3 a.m. with “five to seven girls.” He was also seen with notorious party girl Tara Reid, who was also “a complete mess,” the witness added.

The Coachella sightings came just days after Johnny Manziel and his friends were accused of causing more than $30,000 worth of damage at a home they had rented in West Hollywood for a blowout party last week. The New York Post reported that the home was left strewn with booze and drugs with extensive damage, including a smashed glass table.

Real estate lawyer Nicholas Goodwin, who rented the home to Manziel, said he found Manziel passed out on a coach at 2 p.m., two hours after the group was supposed to check out. Goodwin’s lawyer, Niki Ghazian, added that there was “cocaine all over the kitchen table, and mushrooms were still out on the table in front of him.”

The revelations make it difficult to believe that Johnny Manziel will play again in the NFL anytime soon, and teams seem to agree. The free agent quarterback has yet to attract interest from any teams, even those still searching for starting or backup quarterbacks.

[Picture by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images]