Jenelle Evans Engagement Rumors Soar, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Shares Photo Of Rings To Get Fans Talking

Jenelle Evans is all about the attention being on her. The Teen Mom 2 star has been in a lot of trouble since joining the franchise, and her latest charge is still hanging over her head. Season 7 is currently airing on MTV, and Evans is making it impossible for anyone to have sympathy for her. There have been several men in her life since she began starring on 16 & Pregnant, and it looks like she is finally ready to settle down. David Eason has been in her life since September, but they are already living together and co-parenting Kaiser.

Rumors have been circulating about Jenelle Evans possibly headed down the road to another engagement. She had previously denied reports that she was interested in moving quickly with David Eason, but that may have changed. According to In Touch Weekly, Jenelle Evans got fans fired up when she shared a photo of several diamond rings. It insinuated the couple may be shopping around and that an announcement would come soon. This would be her second marriage, but third engagement. Evans was married to Courtland Rogers from 2012 to 2014 and engaged to Nathan Griffith for roughly six months before the couple called it quits.

Fans are skeptical about Jenelle Evans and her choices in men. Since joining the franchise, there have been several men in her life. While it has only been running for roughly seven years, that says a lot about what has happened in her life. From marriage and divorce to being the mother of two children, Evans has made a lot of questionable decisions. Jace still remains in Barbara’s custody, though Jenelle would like to get him back. She is currently raising Kaiser on her own, with Nathan Griffith not being an active part of his life. Right now, Evans has to focus on the custody battles for both children and beating her violence charge before her life can calm down even a little bit.

The drama in Jenelle Evans’ life doesn’t ever seem to settle down. When she split with Nathan Griffith, it was messy and violent. She ended up assaulting his new girlfriend, which is where her violence charge is stemming from. Evans doesn’t understand when to settle down. She began dating David Eason back in September, and by Christmas, he was already moved into her home with her young son. The two have done some traveling in recent months, and he stood by her during her recent health scare. Right now, it appears their relationship is going strong and marriage is a possibility down the line. Since the Teen Mom 2 episodes are taped months prior to airing, there is no telling what the current status is with Evans and Griffith.

It will be interesting to see how Jenelle Evans will respond if David Eason does pop the question soon. The answer will definitely be yes, but whether or not she will share the news with the world is undecided. Evans faces a lot of criticism on social media, but it doesn’t seem to affect her too much.

A lot has changed since the earlier seasons when Jenelle Evans was hooked on drugs and acting out. While she may not have her life totally together, she has progressed forward in a lot of aspects. Evans fighting for custody of both children at once could prove to be difficult, especially with her criminal history. If she does end up getting the violence charge, it will be hard for her to even find a job. Jenelle Evans has a lot of uphill battles ahead of her, and hopefully, she focuses on those before the thought of marriage crosses her mind.

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