Best Laptops 2016: New Apple MacBook — Now In Rose Gold! Better Battery Life and Storage, But No USB?

Apple released new updates to its signature MacBook line on Tuesday. Apple actually already unveiled its design for the new MacBook last year showing off its slim frame, “fanless construction,” and Force Touch track pad.

Other new MacBook 2016 features include many new specs not covered last year, such as:

  • extended battery life
  • newer processors
  • a better graphics card
  • faster flash storage.
  • and no USB port?

Business correspondent for CNN Money, Samuel Burke, details why Apple is doing away with their beloved “mag-safe” USB ports on their new MacBook.

“The new Apple MacBook only has two ports, The Audio Jack and The new USB C-Port”

[Image via Apple]
[Image via Apple]
The different plug-in shape, the C-Port, will prevent Apple users from charging their phones and laptops at the same time.

The new Apple MacBook also has up to 11 hours of battery life.

Burke claims that Apple making the switch to the new MacBook is a good thing despite critics of the innovative move by Apple.

“Big tech companies (like Apple) say that USB-C is a triple threat, you can not only charge your laptop faster with these cables, it’s also faster to transfer data and it can also work as a video output.”

According to Burke, Apple’s MacBook isn’t the only new laptop to feature the new port. Others, including Google and Dell, are slowly transitioning to the new design.

The new Apple MacBook will set you back $1,599 for the 1.2 GHz Intel Core m5 processor and 512 GB of flash storage. But if that’s too rich for your liking, then the 12 inch 1.1 GHz Intel Core m3 processor MacBook is only $1,299 with 256 GB of flash storage.

Apple is also continuing its #RoseGold revolution, donning the new MacBook in the audacious hue which has been a hit among fans of Apple products.

Sales for the new Apple MacBooks began Tuesday on the Apple/Mac website. Apple says that the new MacBook will be physically available at stores tomorrow for purchase.


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The new Apple MacBook is much thinner and lighter than the old model, more akin to the MacBook Air in frame. However, CNN reports that the MacBook is not as powerful as the MacBook Air, yet the device is more costly.

According to the Apple website, the new MacBook will also feature vast improvements on its already cutting-edge 12-inch retina display equipped with “edge-to-edge” glass.

Photos will appear richer and more exuberant than ever. With over 3 million pixels rendering the focus of Apple’s new MacBook, users can expect a robust visual experience when accessing the web at all times.

The site claims that the new MacBook was, “meticulously honed to deliver a bold visual experience within an impossibly minimal design.”

Burke claims that critics who called Apple’s decision to cut down on USB ports and include the C-port, “crazy” were the same critics scrutinizing them for doing away with DVD and Blu-Ray ports on MacBooks.

What do you think about Apple’s new MacBook? Do you think they’ve made a mistake by getting rid of the old USB port everyone had grown accustomed to?

[Image via Apple]

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